When it comes to changing your hairstyle without the commitment of a haircut or color change, wigs are a game-changer. Among the many wig types available, 360 lace front wigs have gained immense popularity. These wigs offer versatility, natural appearance, and comfort like no other. In this blog, I will explore everything you need to know about 360 lace front wigs, from what they are to how to care for them.

nadula 360 lace front wigs

What is a 360 lace front wig?

A 360 lace front wig is a type of wig that features a lace cap with lace material all around the perimeter. This lace is designed to imitate the natural hairline, giving the illusion that the hair is growing directly from your scalp. The "360" in the name refers to the 360 degrees of lace coverage, allowing you to part the hair in any direction, tie it up in a ponytail, or style it in various ways while maintaining a natural look.

nadula 360 lace front wigs

How much is the 360 lace front wig?

The cost of a 360 lace front wig can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the quality of the wig, the type of hair used, the length, density, and where you purchase it. Here's a general price range to give you an idea.

360 lace front wigs

1. Synthetic 360 lace front wigs

Synthetic wigs are typically more affordable than human hair wigs. You can find synthetic 360 lace front wigs in the range of $20 to $100 or more, depending on the brand and quality.

nadula 360 lace front wigs

2. Human hair 360 lace front wigs

Human hair wigs are more expensive due to the quality of the hair and their natural appearance. Prices for human hair 360 lace front wigs can range from $100 to several hundred dollars, with high-quality wigs often costing over $500 or even more.

nadula 360 lace front wigs

3. Custom or premium wigs

Custom-made 360 lace front wigs, or those made from premium or exotic hair types, can be significantly more expensive. These wigs can cost anywhere from $1,000 to several thousand dollars.

nadula 360 lace front wigs

How to install a 360 lace front wig?

One of the main advantages of 360 lace front wigs is their versatility. You can style your hair in any way you like, whether it's a sleek updo, a high ponytail, or simply letting it flow naturally. The lace front ensures that the wig remains undetectable. In this part, I will tell you how to install a 360 lace front wig.

How to care for your 360 lace front wig?

1. Prepare your natural hair

Ensure your hair is clean and neatly braided or cornrowed. This creates a flat surface for the wig to rest on and helps in achieving a natural look.

2. Apply a wig cap

Wear a wig cap that matches your skin tone to further enhance the wig's natural appearance.

3. Adjust the wig

Place the 360 lace front wig on your head and adjust it to fit comfortably. Make sure it is centered on your forehead and aligned with your natural hairline.

4. Secure the wig

Secure the wig in place by using the adjustable straps and combs that are typically included with 360 lace front wigs.

5. Trim the lace

Carefully trim the excess lace along the hairline, leaving a small margin for a natural look. Be patient during this step, as precision is essential.

6. Style your wig

Style your wig as desired, whether it's straightening, curling, or leaving it in its natural state.

How to care for your 360 lace front wig?

How to care for your 360 lace front wig?

360 lace front wigs are designed with breathable lace material, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. This is especially important for those who may have sensitive scalps. Wearing a 360 lace front wig can protect your natural hair from daily styling and environmental damage. You can experiment with different hairstyles without compromising the health of your own hair. Still, you need to take good care of your 360 lace front wig.

What is a 360 lace front wig?

1. Wash your 360 lace front wig the right way

Use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to wash your wig. Gently detangle the hair, and avoid excessive rubbing to prevent damage.

2. Store your 360 lace wigs carefully

When not in use, store your 360 lace wig on a wig stand to preserve its style and shape.

3. Avoid heat damage

While many 360 lace front wigs are heat-resistant, it's best to use heat styling tools sparingly to extend the wig's lifespan.


360 lace front wigs have revolutionized the world of hairstyling. Their ability to provide a natural look, versatility, and comfort makes them a popular choice for individuals looking to change their hairstyle without commitment. By following the installation and care tips provided in this guide, you can enjoy the benefits of a 360 lace front wig while keeping it in excellent condition for a long time. Whether you're seeking a temporary transformation or looking for a convenient way to protect your natural hair, a 360 lace front wig is an excellent choice.

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