Many of us love shopping hair products on the Internet, Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, official website and so on. But when shopping online, we cant see the product in person. It is hard to know if it is worth or not, especially for virgin hair. There are some many hair grades and textures on the online shop, and almost all of them are claiming their quality is good. They are selling Brazilian Remy hair bundles, Malaysian hair bundles, Remy Indian hair extensions and other products.But which one is the best? We could not know the hair quality from the hair grade because there is no same grade definition in the market, even it is the same grade, the price may be a big difference.

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So we will face many questions: How can we check the virgin hair quality online? How can we decide the most reliable hair supplier? Now I will show you the methods of identifying the virgin hair.

1. For example, you want to buy Brazilian curly hair bundles or Brazilian body wave hair bundles, you can watch or Read Customer review on YoutubeFacebook, or other platforms to know whether it is tangled, whether glossy.Try to find the live customer review or customer share for the hair company you want to cooperate.You can check the company situation and customer review on online

2. Payment security is important. Some fake company may cheat your money, but not deliver you the hair. If a website can take only one specified payment method, this is wired. You need to do more research on the website.

3. Check the company information and certification.

4. Chat with their sales to check whether they are professional and ask them to take some real videos. You could ask them to fire a piece of hair to tell the hair real human or synthetic. (The simplest method of distinguishing real hair or synthetic hair) You could check if the hair is tangled, shedding or not. You could see observe the company environment to tell if it is true hair company.

5. If you think the company is reliable, then order a SAMPLE to test the hair quality. On the off chance that you can get hold of one, test it with water and include warm it to check whether it comes back to its characteristic state.

6. Price: Different price, different quality. High price hair may be not high quality, but cheap price hair must be cheaper quality unless it is a promotion. However, if the hair is on promotion every day. Do you still believe it? Hair sellers also need the profit.

Thanks for your attention. That is all for our opinion on how to check hair quality online. Hope it helps you when shopping hair online.

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