What hairstyle should you choose when you have a big forehead? A prominent facial feature like a large forehead can cause you quite a bit of trouble when it comes to choosing the best hairstyle. Making a mistake not only exposes your big forehead but also makes it more obvious. In order not to get you into trouble, in this article I will tell you how to choose the right hairstyle for your large forehead.

big forehead

How to choose hairstyle for big foreheads?

Once you accept that you can't change the size of your forehead, you're one step closer to finding your new hairstyle! Here are some practical hair ideas. How to choose hairstyle for big foreheads?
Fringes are one of the most popular big-forehead hairstyles, and for good reason, as followed. It's easy to style, and the fringe looks effortless and stylish. Fringes are the code to open up the world of beautiful looks to everyone, especially if you want to draw attention away from your wide forehead. Such a pleasant ending will not only give you a youthful and attractive look but will balance out the main body of your style and minimize the appearance of lenient features. You can make it more three-dimensional by adding different layers. To take the attention away from your large forehead completely, you need to make the fringe the focal point of the look. So let the sides fade to the skin, or even cut them short. big forehead without fringe
Most hair stylists will recommend you create a customizable bun style for your forehead. Make sure you focus on some other features too, like your lips, or an interesting birthmark.
Handouts are another key to covering your forehead. The middle part works really well because all of your hair will be brought to the front, giving you a lot of room to brainstorm. In addition, wavy hair will match the dividing line well. big forehead with bangs
The more you play with texture, the less attention your forehead gets. Experiment with waves and curls, and go for styles that involve a lot of movement and volume, and people will look away from your forehead.

What is the best haircut for a big forehead?

Do you think your big forehead ruins your image? Don't worry, here you'll find a style that matches your hair type, texture, and preferences.

What is the best haircut for a big forehead?

1. Bob haircut with curtain bangs

If you have a large forehead, a long Bob with a center part is the way to go. The right curtain bangs work well to hide a wide forehead, accentuate lovely cheekbones, and accentuate your best features. In fact, curtain bangs can be used on all facial types, and all that's left to do is find a skilled hairstylist.

2. Short and messy hairstyles for big foreheads

Messy short hairstyles are preferred by those with large foreheads. Because of the dynamic and separation it creates, the forehead seems less prominent. For added attention, get a textured haircut and style it with the help of matte hair products.

3. Bowl cut

What can you do for a big forehead? You can hide it! The great thing about a bowl cut for someone with a big forehead is that it doesn't look like you're trying to hide something. It's just a fashionable hairstyle that makes people feel a strong sense of fashion. Since the dull tassel ends right in the middle of your forehead, it doesn't look so obvious anymore. To finally get a modern and defined look, you can choose an undercut hairstyle.

4. Long layers

If you modulate your hair with lots of natural movement and effortless volume, no one will notice how big your forehead is. Just ask your stylist for long layers, even a side part will suit your face shape!

5. Lob with a fringe

Known for its simplicity, the Lob hairstyle is very helpful for women who want to beautify their foreheads. Although it is a straight, one long and one short hairstyle, if you finish it with straight bangs, it will work well on your imperfections.

6. Side swept undercut

The side sweep chin is a hairstyle for girls with high foreheads that, in addition to covering up your imperfections, makes you look incredibly stylish and cool. In addition, it works with any hair type and length. All you need to do is push your hair to the side, let your tassel slightly cover your forehead, and you're good to go.


The best style for a big forehead doesn't have to be fussy. Whatever big forehead style you're rocking, it'll be even more advantageous if you accessorize it with side-swept bangs. This hairstyle not only visually changes the appearance of a wide forehead but also gives a pleasant silhouette. Don't let a big forehead stop you from being a beautiful woman, choosing the best hairstyle to highlight your beauty in the rest of the face.