Recently, we have seen a new type of bob haircut making the rounds on the Internet for bisexual women. And that's the bisexual bob haircut. Choosing a bisexual hairstyle is a great way to proudly show your identity to the world. Here you can see the best bisexual haircut options, from the popular bisexual bob haircut to bold bottom cuts and styles studded with bisexual flag colors. Read on, here's everything you need to know.

What is the bisexual bob haircut?

What is the bisexual bob haircut?

The bisexual bob haircut has become a symbol of the bisexual community. The bisexual hairstyle is a short bob that has become synonymous with bisexuality. The bisexual bob haircut is a shorter cut, which gives it a tomboy quality, but it's long enough to meet traditional expectations for women's hairstyles. What is the bisexual bob haircut?
Bisexual bob haircuts can be any length, but they tend to be between the chin and shoulders. They are usually worn with short, side-swept bangs. In addition to being incredibly flattering, the fringe helps add to the female touch and prevents it from looking too harsh, while allowing for plenty of male edge.

bisexual bob haircut

How to create a bisexual bob haircut?

Read the above introduction, have you fallen in love with the bisexual bob haircut? Have you decided that a bisexual bob haircut is right for you? In this section, I give you a step-by-step guide to getting this look at home.

How to create a bisexual bob haircut?

1. Wash your hair

Wash your hair with your normal shampoo and hydrate it with conditioner. If your hair is straight, you can cut it wet because it won't shrink when it dries. For people with curly or wavy hair, it's important to gently shape your curls the way you normally would.

2. Split your hair

With your hair clean and ready for cutting, use your wide-toothed comb or your fingers to divide it into three sections. You need one on the back and one on the sides. Secure each section with a ponytail clip or elastic.

3. Start trimming bisexual bob haircuts

If you want your bisexual bob haircut to look right, here's the part you need to master. Firstly, cut the back section to the length of your choice. Use your ponytail retainer as a guide and adjust it to your liking before cutting. The closer the elastic is to your scalp, the shorter the back of your Bob will be.
When you're done, remove the back of the hair from the ponytail clamp. If you need to cut a little more length, do so. Be very careful not to cut too much. Remember, the back part should be cut evenly.

How to create a bisexual bob haircut?

3 hottest bisexual bob haircuts for girls 2023

The bisexual bob haircut is the most representative hairstyle for bisexual women because it is so versatile and universally flattering. Check out the most popular versions of the bisexual bob haircut from 2023 below.

3 hottest bisexual bob haircuts for girls 2023

1. Soft wavy bisexual bob haircut

This mid-part bisexual bob haircut is a soft wave with extra volume and body on the sides. Medium length is becoming synonymous with the bisexual community, which is what makes this hairstyle special.
It's just above the shoulders, so it's slightly longer than some of the other double peaks we've seen. If you have feminine energy, this is a good haircut to consider.

2. Ginger bisexual bob cut with wavy ends

Based on the bisexual bob, wavy hair can also be used to the fullest extent. The layers, when cut out, look very elastic and give the clavicle a vibrant energy, which can further enhance the visual effect of the ginger hair color.

3. Duotone bisexual bob with curtain bangs

If you're looking to change up your hairstyle soon after embarking on a new chapter in your life, go for the duotone bisexual bob with curtain bangs, a bisexual bob that also includes a relaxed set of curved-like bangs on the front. Although this model is definitely the most unsuitable for professional occasions, the appearance that it brings is scattered and has sent can be said to be the most avant-garde cooperation.

4. Bisexual flag colors haircut

What better way to signal your preferences and identity than by using the colors on a bisexual flag color haircut? When you shake this style, shades of magenta and purples will keep everyone's eyes on you, and those in the know will recognize the meaning of these proud colors.


In addition to being an honorable way for people to come out and embrace their gender identity, the bisexual Bob's dominant popularity lies in its diversity. It blends into all hair types and works well with full hairstyles, subtle buns, and textured fringe cuts without any problems.