Can you curl a synthetic wig? Do you know how to curl a synthetic wig? In our daily life, we sometimes buy a synthetic wig to change our hairstyle. But after we wear the same wig for a long time, we may get bored with the same hairstyle. To throw it away or buy another one is not an ideal way. Then have you ever thought that different hairstyles can be made with the same wig? You can try to curl your synthetic wig to get a new hairstyle!

 Here are some feasible ways to teach you to curl a synthetic wig, which is more affordable than buying a new one.

How to curl a synthetic wig with a curling iron?

Curling synthetic wig with a curling iron is an easy way that you can learn quickly. Remember to put the wig cap on a mannequin head so that we can curl the synthetic wig conveniently. And you need to brush the wig slightly to remove the tangle and knots.

Prepare a curling iron before you start curling your synthetic wig. Then divide the hair evenly into several sections, which depends on how big curls you want. After that, you can curl each part of the hair in any way you desire. During curling, you need to hold that curl in place for about 5 to 10 seconds, keeping the temperature at or below 180 degrees.

The following is the most important step. When you are ready to release your curls, you are going to take the curling iron down put the curl into your hand. Once it gets in your hand, you need to close your hand so that you can basically lock the curls. You don’t need to grip it too tight, just to make sure your curls stay. Then repeat the process for the whole head. It may take you a long time, but after that, you will find the curls can last for weeks.

How to curl a synthetic wig with rollers?

Before you curl your synthetic wig with rollers, you need to do some preparations as curling with a curling iron, including a mannequin head, brushing, and dividing into parts. Now you can start to curl it.

Firstly, prepare some hair rollers. There are many kinds of rollers you can choose from, such as perm rods and Flexi rods. It is up to what curls you want. Secondly, take a small section of the wig and wrap it around the rollers tightly to make sure the curls can stay. Then wrap all your hair like that. After rolling the hair, take a hairdryer to blow the hair to keep the curls. Each curl should be blown for about 30 seconds. Don’t blow it for a longer time, or the hair will be damaged because of the heat. If you can’t get a hairdryer, you can keep the rollers stay on the wig overnight. Then it’s time to unravel the hair from the rollers. And you can separate the curls with your fingers, which can help the curls be bigger and look fuller and more natural.

How to curl a synthetic wig without heat?

The ways curling synthetic wigs above use the heat to keep curls. Do you know a synthetic wig can be curled without heat? There are two ways that can help you know how to curl a synthetic wig without heat, which can protect your wig from any potential heat damage.

The first one is curling a synthetic wig with rollers. This way is similar to the second way we mentioned. Before you curl your wig, what you need to do is dampen your wig with water. Then take out your hair rollers, and roll each section of the hair around the rollers. Remember to secure with pin clips or bobby pins. It will help you keep the curls. Now you need to leave enough time to wait for the hair to dry completely. After you remove the rollers, you will get a beautiful curly wig.

The other one is easier. Just wash your wig and dry the hair with a towel as you usually do. The next step is to braid your hair. If you like loose curls, take a thicker section to braid. If you want tight curls, taking a small section is enough. After braiding all the sections of hair, all you need to do is waiting for the hair to be dry. When you untie your braids, you will get natural curls.


Above are some ways we offer for you to curl synthetic wigs. As we know, synthetic wigs should be protected carefully. This is because synthetic hair is plastic and will be melt at high temperatures. If you want to curl a synthetic wig with a curling iron, you have to keep the heat low. When you curl your synthetic wig with rollers, remember to turn down the degree of the hairdryer. And if you would like to curl your wig without heat, you should damp the hair, and after you finish curling you need to wait for it to be dry naturally.

Besides, how do you curl a synthetic wig? Do you know other ways to curl synthetic wig? Welcome to share your method below. Everyone can get a new hairstyle by curling the synthetic wig, just try it!