If you wear your wig for a long time, you want to change your style. In addition to buying a new wig, you can dye the human hair wig, and the new color can also make the style of the wig new. If you like challenges or have free time at home, you can try to make your favorite colorful wigs at home, which is also a good way to save money.

Synthetic wig cannot be dyed again. So, your wig must be a human hair wig. At first, you may think it is difficult to dye your hair at home, but this article will give you some guidance to make the operation process less difficult. Customizing colorful human hair wigs, just like dyeing natural hair, is not difficult at home. The following is how to dye your hair at home so that you can get practical and professional effects in a comfortable and safe home.

honey blond highlight curly wig

1. Choose the right color

Before you start customizing the color for the wig, you need to choose the right color first. If you plan to wear it regularly in your daily life, you can choose a color that matches your skin color. There are three traditional colors: warm, cool, and neutral. You should first determine your skin color and then select the appropriate color for dyeing.

a. Warm undertones: range from peach to yellow to golden, olive, and green

b. Cool undertones: pink and bluish hues and red

c. Neutral undertone: a mix of cool and warm tones

You can determine whether your skin tone is cool or warm by looking at the veins on your wrist. If you see the green texture, it is more of a warm background. If you see blue or purple, your skin color is cold. It is a neutral background if you see a mixture of blue, green, and purple. After determining your skin color, you can start to choose the hair color that best suits your skin. The color should be at least two shades darker or lighter than your skin.

orange ginger human hair wig

2. Prepare Tools for Coloring Human Hair Wig

Before you start to dye human hair wigs, you must first prepare all the necessary tools so that you cannot panic about finding something in the middle of hair dyeing and ensure the smooth process of hair dyeing. The necessary tools: a human hair wig, a towel, dye brush, hair dye, wide-tooth comb, wig head, T-pins, plastic wrap, large hair clips, mixing bowl (do not use metal), developer.

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3. How To Custom Color Human Hair Wigs at Home?

Here are the steps about how to dye your hair at home. You only need to follow these steps to finish the hair dyeing successfully.

Step1: Clean and dry the wig

Clean the wig with shampoo, and then nourish the hair with conditioner. Let the wig completely dry after cleaning. Air dry the wig naturally or with a hair dryer.

Step2: Comb the wig

Place the wig correctly on the wig head. Fix the wig on the wig head with a T-shaped needle. Gently comb the wig with a wide tooth comb to remove all tangles and make the hair smooth.

Step3: Mixed dye color

Because the mixed dye will have some smell, you can open the window for ventilation. Use a dye brush, mixing bowl, hair dye, and developer to mix colors as directed thoroughly.

Step4: Start dyeing

Divide the hair into four quadrants and center the whole wig. Start by dyeing the hair in the first quadrant and then dye the whole wig area. From the root of the hair, apply the hair dye on the wig through the hair to the end. Use the tip of the dye brush to separate the hair and the end of the brush to apply the dye. Treat one short section at a time to ensure that you cover all the hair and apply the dye evenly and thoroughly to all the hair.

Step5: Waiting for hair coloring

Set a timer to leave the dye on your hair for 30-40 minutes. In this way, you won't stop the dyeing process too early, nor will you let the dyeing take too long.

Step6: Rinse and dry hair again

Rinse the wig with warm water until the water is clear. It can be rinsed several times to ensure that all dyes are washed away. Then apply conditioner to make hair smoother. Gently dry the wig with a towel, and then let the wig dry thoroughly. The hair dyeing was successfully completed.

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The above steps are about custom coloring human hair wigs at home. If you have time and strong practical ability, you can try to dye your wig at home, but there is a certain risk of failure. The safer way is to go to a professional hairdresser or buy a new human hair wig or colored wig in a different style, so you can save time greatly and never fail.