Do you want to try a new, fashionable hairstyle? If your answer is yes, the wolf cut might be the one for you! Especially the curly wolf cut, which is gaining popularity on social media platforms. Today, I'm going to tell you how to make a wolf cut on curly hair.

The main difference between the wolf cut and the classic mullet is the placement of the layers.

What is a wolf cut hair?

The wolf cut is a shorter, thinner side cut with a shaggy fringe. It emphasizes the layers and rugged texture of the face. As the name suggests, the wolf haircut is a bit wild. Think of it as a bouffant with a lot of personalities. It's more stylish than a mullet, less fussy than a bouffant, and still looks great.
The main difference between the wolf cut and the classic mullet is the placement of the layers. They are distributed throughout the hair, not just on the top of the head. As you can see, the picture is a wolf curly cut. As a result, most of the girls love wolf cut long hair curly very much. The wolf cut is a shorter, thinner side cut with a shaggy fringe.

The signature look is made up of a lot of hair volume at the top, tapering toward the bottom, with heavy bangs or side bangs.
The length of the top hair can vary, with some people preferring to keep it fairly short, while others allow it to grow longer. Last but not least, mullet wolf cut curly hair is one of the most fashionable curly wolf cut. It's a really cool and with life color hairstyle, there is lots of movement and layers on mullet wolf cut curly hair.

What kind of hair type works best with a wolf cut?

Wolf cuts are edgy and a great choice for almost all hair types, from straight to curly and hair length. All is well. However, if you have thin hair, this style may not be for you.
The wolf cut is all about volume, so if your hair is on the thin side, you may find it difficult to achieve the desired look. If you have thick, coarse, or curly hair, wolf cut hairstyles can help you achieve a more manageable, tamed look. This layered cut is also great for thicker hair. Layers take a lot of weight and volume out of the hair, making it feel lighter and thinner. On the other hand, the curly hair gives a heavy volume to the public, so the wolf cut for curly hair will demonstrate its best state.

Wolf cuts are edgy and a great choice for almost all hair types, from straight to curly and hair length.

How to do wolf cut curly hair?

Wolf cut is also a good choice for those who have curly hair. This style looks as fresh on curls as it does on straight hair, and there are plenty of variations. Now, I will introduce to you how to create wolf cut for curly hair.

1. Smooth out your curls

The first thing you need to do before creating wolf cut curly hair is to smooth out your curls and remove any tangles or knots so that your hair is easier to work with.

2. Put part of your hair in a ponytail

In the second part, comb your hair from back to front, creating a ponytail at the front of your head. Remember that the ponytail should be in the center of your forehead, and you can add two grippers to the ponytail. In this way, you can keep the hair in clumps at the same length.

3. Start cutting your hair

In this part, you should start cutting wolf cut on your curly hair. I highly recommend that if you are a green hand of cutting, you should cut wolf hair a little at a time. You can always get rid of more hair, but you can never add more, so it's best to proceed cautiously and gradually. Another way is called a point cut, which is cutting your hair upward to prevent those dull, pointed ends and make it look more natural. After completing step 1, you can repeat the action to cut the rest of the hair. Last but not least, you need to tie each layer into a ponytail before cutting your hair.

4. Cut bangs

Wolf cut curly hair with bangs is the best choice. Through this section, you would better go to make some bangs. To do this, twist the part and pull it straight down so it's tight. If you crave shorter bangs, then you can cut off more. And up to here, you'll have completed your great project of making wolf cut on curly hair.

The most popular wolf cut curly hair in 2022

The most popular wolf cut curly hair in 2022

There is a variety of wonderful wolf cut curly hair you can choose from in 2022. I hope you can rock the wolf cut curly hair all time.

1. Wolf haircut with wispy ends for natural curls

Thick, natural curls with flowing wolf cut ends are best for fall. Fluffy bangs will add texture and elasticity around the forehead, covering up areas where curly hair may appear thin.

2. Curly mullet shag with short bangs

Party in the front and back with curly Urchi pomp with short bangs! If you're looking for a stylish, crossed-cut, then try a curly wolf cut. This hairstyle is especially flattering for naturally textured hair, but it can also look incredible in style.

3. Curly wolf cut with bangs

Take advantage of your natural texture and opt for a curly wolf cut with bangs! While the naturally wavy wolf cut style is preferred by many women, adding a slight fringe will make your look even more unique. In fact, micro bangs are a great choice of fringe for curly texture, as they are easier to maintain and blend well with the curls of the face.

4. Wolf shag haircut for voluminous curls

Shag curly wolf cut makes your figure plumper! Multi-textured cuts like mace are essential for defining curls and creating volume. For maximum effect, ask your stylist to create some face-covering bangs that draw attention to your eyes.

5. Curly wolf lob with shaggy layers

When you want to accentuate your natural textures, a curly wolf head with shaggy layers may be the answer. With a long Bob, you can hit the sweet spot of not getting too long or too short, while adding volume and style to your hair.

6. Shaggy wolf cut for long curls

If you have straight, thick hair, it might be time to try a wavy perm. The added texture of a long wolf curly hairstyle creates volume and movement and instantly updates your style.