Reddish brown wigs are always great for darker skin tones, a color that won't be as dramatic as red hair or as common as black hair. It can easily make you have a fashionable appearance and instantly become a fashionable woman. Today let's take a look at how to use reddish brown human hair wig to create a classic and charming 90's flipped ends hairstyle.

1. Some Simple Introduction about Reddish Brown Wig

Hey y'all, it's your girl Mena, today is going to be a cherry red fiery hot wig install, I'm giving you side part, I'm giving you baby hairs, I'm giving you side swoop, I'm giving it all today. I'm giving y'all the full install tutorial, start to finish how to get this look, so let's get into it.

I am installing some hair that from Nadula, I actually really do like their wigs. today is definitely something very different for me and for y'all, the wig is beautiful, the quality of the hair is amazing, melts between your fingers, as you saw earlier we are not keeping this body wave but it comes beautifully curled, the laces are transparent lace, it's a little bit on the thicker and lighter side, but I am gonna do my best. What I will say though is that the wig does come nicely pre-plucked, so that saves me a little bit of time.

reddish brown wig

How to do Reddish Brown Wig with 90's Inspired Side Part Flipped Ends?

First thing is I'm going to tint my lace because I'm not even going to try to kid myself that this will blend into to my skin. I think that is a little bit better, I would say I'm satisfied, this fits nice, I think I ordered a small cap size, so that's great. The lace definitely looks much better now that I've tinted it, I'm pleased I also really like the plucking, the plucking looks really good to me.

I am planning on doing a side part, definitely the left, if I can find a starting point, then I can just do the cleaning up of the part on my wig head, I need to map it out on my own head first, which is what I suggest everyone does you have to figure out kind of like how deep you want the part, where it looks best on you. I finally got my side part where I wanted it, that's fine.

I'm gonna cut some of this lace off. I just need to get this out of the way. So we are going to pin the hair back, we are going to cut our ear lace pieces , I don't have to do too much, trace down from the ear and just start cutting it around your ear, this fits around the ear perfectly. I love when the wig is actually the right size for my head. I'm gonna roll this front lace back and cut it. We are going to apply a little wig adhesive spray, I'm gonna do that along the hairline, so make sure you brush that back, it's nice and tacky, so we are going to put this wig on, make sure it's still in the right place and then pull it forward with the sides. I'm just going to start combing the hair away from the lace, I'm gonna try our best to maintain the part, of course we're going to clean it up once we move on to styling. now I'm gonna bring out a wig band and I'm going to start melting this lace and waiting some time, so now we are going to remove our wig band, that's melt well, lovely, feels pretty secure. So now we're going to cut the lace segments, I'm trying to cut the lace pretty close to the hairline because this lace is not HD, now that my lace is fully cut, we're going to use a little bit of lace Mousse spray and we're just going to spray that directly on the lace. Now put on the wig band again and make sure the wig band is nice and tight, so it doesn't move really just locks that lace in place.

I am going to start straightening this hair because it's body wave and we weren't going for Ariel today. I'm going to spray a little heat protectant on the ends of the hair first, and then just a little bit on the actual hair and just run it through you don't need too much, this heat protectant makes the hair super glossy. I'm gonna do this on the other side as well to make sure those ends are protected, just run our fingers through, then I'm going to grab my claw clip again, take out a piece of hair and then I'm just going to pin the rest up, so it is out of the way comb out. I'm gonna get my hot comb and get to work, first pass it's already gotten the hair pretty straight, so I can already kind of see that this hair takes heat really well. I want this hair straighten, so basically I'm just going to do this to the entire wig. Now we are done straightening. I'm going to check on this lace, all right.

Now I'm gonna get my hot comb out and we're gonna start working on the hairline. I'm just gonna wax along my part that I've tried to create here, I'm gonna get the crown of the hood for any flyaways, Now I am going to pick out the hair that I want to be baby hairs.I just pull this down and tint the rest of my lace, put a little bit of excess foundation and tap the parts of the lace. I'm going to brush out what I want my baby hair to be and then I'm going to cut these baby hairs. So to lay our baby hairs, we're going to use a little bit of Eco styling gel and some adhesive spray, we're gonna get a little bit of Eco, I always say the key to doing baby hairs, I'm not good at baby hairs, so I don't do a lot of them. I'm gonna spray a little bit of adhesive spray on top and then just brush that along the hair just to make sure it stays in place.

Now we can get into styling the ends flipped, do this hairstyle, actually need blunt cut the ends, just with straight up scissors. I just want to make sure everything is as straight as possible before I do this cut, I wanted to be right about here and cut. I'm going to do the same thing for this side, it's actually pretty good. Now is my favorite part, the part that I am most excited about which is bumping the ends for this. I just use my good old flat iron, my teasing brush and some perm rods, so I can set the curls as well. So first thing we're going to do is take one piece of hair, I'm going to spray a little bit more heat protectant on the ends, and we're just going to bring our straightener down and then once we get towards the ends, we're going to start rolling it as if we're making a curl, keep pulling and twisting, and you should have one curl that looks like this, I'm spraying a little bit of adhesive spray on the end of the curl to help it set in as well. so once I'm done with that, I'm going to wrap this curl around the flexi rod, so it can sit and then pin it. Next we're gonna do the same thing for the entire head. Now that I'm done curling my all hair flipped ends. This is the finished look. I'm happy with this.


I'm in love with the final look, I love the curled ends, I love the baby hairs, I love the side swoop, I love the side part. So shout out to Nadula hair, thank you for sending me. This wig I was doubtful at first, I did not know if I would like this color, but I think red belongs to me now. If you also like this reddish brown human hair wig, you can click here for more details and to buy. By the way, if you like to try out various colored wigs or different styles of hair, and want to become an internet influencer and get free wigs, you can read this blog-Share Your Look To Be Nadula Brand Ambassador To Get Free Wig and sign up as a Nadula ambassador.