The back-to-school season has begun, and this is the perfect time to change up your style and show off your new self. Girls who love beauty, are you ready for the perfect look for the back-to-school season? Such as exquisite makeup, beautiful hairstyles, and colorful and various styles of clothing. Today we mainly talk about the beautiful wigs needed to create hairstyles, so that you can surprise everyone with a new look. So how to choose a back-to-school wig? How to get a free back-to-school wig? Keep reading and you will know more information and methods.

1. About Nadula Hair Back-to-School Style Challenge

To welcome the back-to-school season, Nadula Hair specially launched the back-to-school styling challenge to support you to create your own style boldly, confidently and freely. A vibrant youth deserves a better look. Nadula hair will cooperate with your Youth and beauty go hand in hand. During the back-to-school challenge, nadula hair provides high-quality human hair wigs in various styles, textures and colors, and you can enjoy the biggest discount to get charming wigs, and there are also exquisite gifts to give away, come and participate in the back-to-school season show off your style with the Styling Challenge and win a free Nadula wig.

If you are preparing for back-to-school hairstyles, if you like challenges, act now to participate in the Nadula style challenge. Not only can you get design inspiration and enhance your installation experience during the challenge, you may also win high-quality transparent lace wigs, Enjoy a range of great deals and great gifts. In the picture below you can see the specific back-to-school style challenge rules and details, just follow the steps in the picture to complete the challenge.

nadula style challenge

The Nadula Back-to-School Style Challenge starts on July 24, 2023 and ends on August 11, 2023. During this period, 3 styling challengers will be selected every day, and a free transparent wig will be given away, bless you! Maybe that lucky girl is you!

2. Be Bold And Style Your Way

Nadula Hair is always committed to making every woman's beauty shine. Be bold! Be confident! It's you! No matter what your style is, Nadula believes that you are the most unique and shining.

Young people tend to be energetic, bold, creative and challenging. The Nadula Style Challenge provides such a platform for every girl to design and showcase her own style. Any creative and creative hairstyles can be shared and displayed. I believe you will definitely enjoy the creative inspiration brought by various thinking collisions and brainstorming, which will also win you more applause and praise.

3. The Big discount and Gifts for 2023 Back-to-School Season

During the Nadula back-to-school style challenge, you can get exquisite back-to-school gifts while enjoying big discounts (these customized gifts include GFN-NECKLACE, GFN-ELASTICHB, GFN-CAP, GFN-MIRROR, SEN-ROBE, electric heating comb SE- STCOMB). Discounts range from $10 to $40, please click Nadula back-to-school- season wig discouts for more detailed discount information.

4. Don't Miss Nadula New Arrival Wigs

Breathable and trendy, these are the perfect new arrival summer wigs you can't go wrong with.

Nadula Pre-cut Lace Closure Wigs Water Wave Wear and Go Wig For Beginners

Water Wave Wear and Go Wig

The classic water wave shape, the new pre-cut lace wig, you can not only enjoy the easy glueless wig installation, but also maintain a healthy scalp environment and give you the feeling of natural hair growth.

Nadula 613 Dark Blonde Layered Straight 13x4 Transparent Lace Front Highlight Wig

613 Dark Blonde wig

Wear it and you'll be a fashion queen in no time, the perfect 613 dark blonde human hair wig instantly brightens up your complexion, leaving you looking radiant and refreshed.

Nadula Ash Violet With Brownish Babylights Body Wave Ombre Color Wig Pre Plucked

ash violet color wig

The elegant combination of body waves and the advanced color of ash violet with brownish babylights creates a stunning visual effect - glamorous, noble, mysterious, energetic and rich, which makes people want to look more.

Nadula Pre-Cut Lace Wig Wear and Go Reddish Brown Color Water Wave 6x4.5 Lace Wig 

Wear and Go Reddish Brown wig

A mesmerizing reddish brown at first glance, it looks passionate and energetic. The reddish-brown tone with just the right brightness can make the skin look more radiant, like adding a layer of warm and harmonious shimmer to the skin, fashionable, sexy and mysterious.


When you are young, you should show your personality and express yourself to the fullest. Nadella hair celebrates your youth, courage, confidence and passion. Nadula Hair is fully prepared for back-to-school activities, take part in the Nadula style challenge, style as you like, and show your style to the fullest. Participating in this challenge will not only have the opportunity to win free lace wigs, enjoy super high quality and discounts, I believe you will love and affirm yourself more in the process of self-expression, and live out your own extraordinary.