Want to experiment with a new haircut? Are you on the hunt for new hairstyle inspiration? We can tell you that this is the year of the bixie. For the girls who are sick and tired of plain old haircuts and want to give it a go with something new and innovative, bixie might be the way to do it! As the haircut most talked about this season, the bold and chic bixie haircut has been spotted everywhere both on and off the red carpet. We will introduce this hairstyle to you in this blog.

What Is Bixie Haircut?

Actually, the term bixie is the combination of two distinctly recognizable hairstyles—the bob and the pixie. Shorter than a bob with the texture and volume of a pixie, it is essentially a shaggy bob with a shorter length. It has a soft bob shape which is shorter at the back and longer towards the front, with a lot of layers like a pixie. Bixie haircut boasts daring, choppy layers but preserves some length and is sometimes complete with bangs to soften your features and provide a distinct appearance.

bixie haircut

What To Ask For to Get The Look?

The key is finding a stylist who can create a bixie ideal for your features, hair type, and lifestyle. To get a more modern style that’s easy to air-dry, please texturize the hair rather than cutting it blunt to frame the face and add volume. To create the shape of a bixie haircut, you’d better release weight first, which will make your natural texture and the desired silhouette come alive.

Besides, you should communicate with your stylist to make sure of the length. Generally, your stylist will determine it based on your hair type, texture, and bone structure. And even though you can wear it naturally, it still requires some degree of styling and upkeep. Moreover, you can also opt to add curtain bangs to make your bixie haircut more suitable for yourself.

culy bixie hair

How To Get A Bixie Haircut?

To get a bixie haircut, there are two options, cut hair or buy a bixie wig. What we want to introduce today is how to cut a bixie hair on a wig.

1. The Tools You Will Need

Your wig, hair scissors, a rat-tail comb, a mannequin head

2. Wash Your Wig

Washing hair is the premise of whatever you do on your hair because it will help remove the excess oils and make your tools work better. Then put it on the mannequin head. Bring the hair up to shoulder length.

3. Section The Wig

Section your hair into several parts, one section for the back, one section for the left side, one for the right side, and section off and secure the front of your head. Then use clips or hair ties to secure each section. Start from the back part and comb through the hair to detangle it.

bixe short hair

4. Cut Your Wig

Pull each section taut with your non-dominant hand, and use the other hand to make a tiny, even cut all the way across. Hold the hair scissors at a 45-degree angle to cut it to the length you want, which will create roundness and soften your look. We recommend that you stop cutting after every few cuts to examine the look.

As we know, the bixie hairstyle features choppy layers, which are short on top and long on the bottom. Therefore, when you move up towards the crown of your wig, pay attention to cut the sections slightly shorter. After finishing the back section, continue to trim the side parts. Just repeat the same process and make the sections shorter as you move up to the top of your head.

5. Cut Your Bangs

If you prefer the hairstyle without bangs, just ignore this part. And because the front part is the most visible, it is important to make sure everything is perfect. Bring your fringe up an inch or two longer than you want it first, and then trim it from the middle to the sides. Hold your scissors angled downwards, so they taper in towards the center. Keep the hair pulled taut while you cut.

5. Do The Finishing Touches

Check the final look and ensure everything is even. You can soften the ends of your cut according to your needs. The best way to do this is to feather the ends with a pair of hair scissors. Keep your scissors at a 90-degree angle, take a small section of hair, and cut the ends of it. Continue making small, vertical cuts until the end of the section is no longer flat all the way across.


A bixie haircut is suitable for all women of all ages. There is no wrong way to wear it. if you are not sure whether you can get a perfect bixie haircut at home, you can also go to a salon and ask for your stylist. Don’t miss this trend, it is time to try a short hairstyle.