In the pursuit of beauty and fashion, front lace wigs have become the choice of many people. This wig is loved by consumers for its natural and realistic appearance and comfort. However, for beginners, how to install a front lace wig and ensure that it blends perfectly with the skin is a process that requires skills. If it is not handled properly, it may cause damage to the lace part and affect the final effect. Therefore, this article will explain in detail how to install a front lace wig and emphasize the precautions for correctly gluing lace wigs.

First of all, we need to make it clear that the front lace wig is a special type of wig. The forehead part uses a thin lace material, which makes the transition between the wig and the scalp more natural. This wig needs to be carefully installed and maintained to achieve the best effect.


How to install a lace front wig for beginners

If you don't use the correct method of applying glue, even if you buy a very expensive wig, it may be very conspicuous. But please don't be nervous or at a loss. Let's take the Nadula 13x4 Luscious Bodywave Lace Front Wig as an example. Let's take a look at this tutorial on how to install a lace wig.

Step 1: Unpacking

After getting the wig, of course you need to unpack it. Nadula will send you a lot of small gifts along with your wig package, including false eyelashes, wig elastic bands, a hair net, etc. These things can be used for your subsequent hair installation.

Step 2: Take the hair out of the package and wear it on your head

We need to clean the skin of the part that needs glue, because the oil secreted by the skin will affect the effect of the glue.After taking the hair out of the package, you can start wearing the wig. During this process, pay attention to adjusting the position and angle of the wig to ensure that it matches your head shape and face shape.

Step 3: Cut off the extra lace around the ears

After wearing the wig, you may find extra lace around the ears. At this time, you need to use scissors to carefully cut off the lace. When trimming, make sure not to cut the lace part, so as not to affect the beauty and service life of the wig.

Step 4: Apply wig glue in front of the hairline

Applying wig glue in front of the hairline is a key step in installing a front lace wig. You need to use a special wig glue and apply it evenly on the lace part. When applying, be careful not to use too much glue to avoid glue overflow or difficulty in cleaning.

Step 5: Close the hairline

After applying the glue, you need to gently press the lace part on the scalp to ensure that it fits tightly to the scalp. During this process, you can use your fingers or special tools to help you better close the hairline.

Step 6: Cut off the excess lace

After closing the hairline, you may find that there is still some excess lace. At this time, you need to use scissors to cut off the excess lace. When trimming, make sure not to cut the lace that is already attached to the scalp.

Step 7: Clean the excess glue

After trimming the excess lace, you need to use alcohol or a special cleaner to clean the excess glue. This step is very important because if glue remains on the scalp or lace, it may affect the comfort and beauty of the wig.

Step 8: Melt and Style

The last step is melting and styling. You can use tools such as a hair dryer or hot curling rod to help you better blend the lace part and shape. During this process, be careful not to overheat or pull the lace part to avoid damage. If you feel that there is less glue in some places, you can also add a little more.


Through the detailed introduction of the above steps and the emphasis on precautions, I believe you have a clearer understanding of how to install a front lace wig. As long as you operate carefully and follow the correct steps and precautions, you will be able to successfully install a natural and realistic front lace wig.