U part wig styles are hotter and hotter and fashionable in recent times as it is so convenient to install. But beginners, always face questions like, how to put on u part wig? Here Miss Dyan Tucker will show you how to wear u part wig on the youtube video. 

"Hey, guys, what is up welcome back to the channel. Today I have a gorgeous versatile u part wig. Yes, this is u part clip in wig from Nadula's hair. So Nadua since I've kind of started my u part wig youtube journey has been one of my likes. I guess go-to or one of my most recommended hair companies that I really really love working with."

Unboxing u part wig reviews 

 "I always love their hair textures and I've had someone order from them that I know about a year or two ago. And the hair was still the same. So this time you guys, I got a natural u part wig like I'm not really into them. But fall is right around the corner. So I really could care less. So this is a Brazilian straight, it says virgin Remy human hair soft silky straight 150 density u part half wig. So you guys are going to see what you probably use. "

"For those who don't know it's just a wig that you kind of like click on. If that makes sense like a snap-on snap of the type of wave, you do not have to get it installed really you can just do it yourself. And then you lay your hair over the track pattern, and that type of thing so you guys are going to see how I got it to look like this. "

"Please excuse the sound in the back y'all. It's hot in my house. It's hot as I'm speaking. I feel like my upper lip is starting to flood. The air is right there but it's blowing that way and it's not really protruding out lately. It's been really really hot here in Wisconsin. August is one of our hottest months so that's why I'm blazing."

How to Install U Part Wig For Beginners?

"So again I got this in 24 inches and this is just under 200. So I really really like this u part wig virgin hair a lot. Because y'all listen now you guys were like. That's a lot for you probably, but it's not because guess what your natural hairline is. Okay, so adding your hair and doing some baby hairs is so much better than having to pay. You know for a wig get it installed and have some artificial overly done baby hair is like. I really think this is a nice idea for the end of Summer."

I ordered Straight U part Wig

"They also do have different texture patterns u part wigs so I just wanted to get straight. Because I recently did a video on a body wave from another company but this one is so much better. That company was okay but Nadula said we did not come to play with y'all. So I really like this a lot. So just going to get into some main details."

Satisfied with the shipping date

"And one thing that I like about it but it's probably just because I don't have enough hair out. So shipping it took 3 days via FedEx. So it did not take long at all. So I am really really

really happy about that the shipping. These days are really really a headache so u part clip on wig is available in a shorter length and the longest length is 24 inches. So I'm just gonna step back for you guys."

Show The 24 inch straight u part wig

"This 24 inch is more like a 26. It falls to my hips, actually, this Remy u part wig is pretty long. Now you do not have to have it in the side part, I just love side parts and I have been rocking a quick week actually. So my hair was already kind of out how it should have been. So I wasn't mad about none of this. I'm gonna just get this in the mail snap it on and be okay. And as you guys know, The higher-end length you go up the higher the price is. But that's no issue."

How To Apply u-part wig?

"Now my biggest issue but I feel like this isn't going to be an issue when I decide to wear it down the middle. Just going to show you guys. You see it's just a little teeny weeny longer but again I was going to cut that off. You can cut it off if you did by this way. But personally, I think my head is just kind of small for once on a wig."

"But I didn't want to touch it. Because for those who do quickly and know about u part wig straight hair when you go down the middle you really want it to cover. I feel like that's why it's that long. so it's probably not meant to be in a side part specifically. But you can do that. So that is what I only issue that I have, but really it's not an issue."

straight u part wig

Satisfied with the package and gifts

 "I think I just did not have enough hair box The gorgeous box literally has the most elegant type of box to me. I love this company's packaging. So they did include this bag. It's like a holographic makeup bag. I guess when you open and add stuff it can change to different shapes. So that was cute. "

"Thank you guys for this gift. They also added a headband. And inside of this, it is an edge brush, a hair clip that says kiss a mirror, and a detangling brush. So really excited about that."

Top quality Remy natural hair u part wig Recommended

"But not least the wig caps, that's pretty much. All I want to talk about is on camera with this human u part wig, so let's hop into this u part wig tutorial. You guys can see how I achieved this gorgeous look. And I hope you guys enjoy this video. The wig will be below definitely. If you haven't used a u-part wig in your leave-outs long enough, please take it into consideration."

"Okay, I'm going to show y'all what you guys are going to see my leave up. This is my hair right now, but I honestly did it quickly in high school back when my hair was this short. So honey, get upart wig human hair and be cute okay, make people think it's your hair. or there's just good sewing because this invisible u part wig looks really really nice. So I love you guys and give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I will see y'all in the next video knockouts you win."