Most women are born with black hair, while some girls are very lucky to have brown hair. It is even less common for women with blond hair, blue eyes, or red hair. But the popularity of wigs has made it possible to have all kinds of hair colors, and you can get your favorite hair colors and hairstyles without harming your natural hair.

Today, we will mainly discuss brown hair, which does not make people feel "bored" due to its dark hair color. It has countless natural colors, and some subtle changes can give your hair a different natural sheen. The possibilities for dark hair are infinite. If you find your natural brown hair, congratulations, you will have many choices. For example, you can deepen dark hair to a rich brown color. You can also choose to add color around your face. Your colorist can even choose to adjust the layering of your hair through highlights and lowlights. Continue scrolling to learn how to keep your brown hair gorgeous and healthy.

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1. Select The Appropriate Brown Reference. Like Chocolate Color

From a dark espresso to a light honey brown, to all the shades of brown in between, you have so many shades of brown to choose from, but which color to start with? You can use the chocolate color as a reference. Do you prefer a cool dark chocolate brown or a warm milk chocolate brown? The visual effects of different brown tones will help you make a choice.

2. The Degree To Which Your Skin Color Matches Your Hair Color

When choosing the right hair color, also consider your skin tone. The same color looks different on faces with warm, cool, and even neutral skin tones. The higher the degree of warmth your skin exhibits, the more appropriate the golden hue of honey will be. If your skin is olive-colored, a cool or grayish-white tone is also an option. When you add a bit of gold, most skin tones look stronger and more beautiful because they also exhibit warm colors such as orange and red. Gold tends to make the eyes look brighter and the skin looks younger.

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3. Use highlight and lowlight to increase richness

Highlight hair has more than one color, and highlights and lowlights add depth, dimension, and interest to the foundation of dark hair. Adding some visual highs and lows to dark hair can make the color look more complex, and can also draw attention to the depth and richness of brown hair. You can obtain it using traditional foil or popular balayage technology.

4. Stay Your Hair Healthy

The healthier your hair, the longer it takes to maintain color. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to hair care. If you don't want to invest in any high-end products, consider using super virgin coconut oil to tone your hair. The process of moving from darkness to light causes greater damage than moving from light to darkness. If your hair is brittle or dry, please keep it healthy before rethinking coloring it, or try a brown wig as a great choice.

5. Give Hair Gloss a Try

The luster of the hair is translucent but colored luster. "We can create more hair tones and sheen by adding certain colors, such as adding a deep honey color to add more tones we want to see, or using a grayish white sheen to offset tones we don't want to see.". They are easy to use, do not damage the cuticle of the hair, and have a dual role of providing tone and luster.

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6. Keep Away From High Temperatures

Do you use a hairdryer, iron, or curler every day? Even with the help of a thermal protector, you won't do any good to your hair. Try to avoid and keep away from hot tools and high temperatures.

7. Use The Right Comb

Did you know that some combs can keep your hair stronger and healthier than others? Buy a high-quality comb made from natural bristles. This comb helps stabilize your hair but does not pull out your hair or cause it to break.


As you can see, whether it's your natural hair or the brown wig you wear, these methods can help you keep your hair elegant and healthy. If you want to learn more about how to keep your hair healthy, please subscribe to our website to view more blogs about hair care and fashionable hairstyles. You will find a lot of useful knowledge here.