Today Nadula has a very interesting topic for you, how to make a wig? It looks strange sometimes and most of you guys will think, OH really!! Is it possible to make your own wig, so my answer is YES….. You can make your own wig following some of the basic and easy steps. 

you will read in this post:

 how to make your own wigs?

In order to learn how to make wig, you need to follow the below mentioned process: 

Step 1: The first step is to select the hairs and chose the right shape and size that you require, you can use both types of hairs either frontal or closures.
Step 2: Then you need to get your wig cap and marker. To make your own wig, you need to invest in the mannequin head and base such as a tripod that is essential to make the wig. Now in order to make a wig with the closure, you will require, black thread with a curved needle and a scissor. You will also require T pins. You start with napping the head cap on the mannequin head and then you need to center your frontal or closure on top of the head.
Step 3: The next step is to pin your hairs on the dome cap and does not forget to take your front hairs a bit down on the head. The end of the closures must have pined right on the end of the cap. Now use the marker and mark down the end line of your frontal or closure.
Step 4: After doing that you need to draw the line for laying your hairs, the lines must be kept constant with a maximum of a finger apart. Make sure that you draw the lines as per the bundles that you are using. Put double knots to your thread and start sewing your wig, do not forget to put strong knots on the start and end of the lines. You need to sew the hairs on these lines using your needle and thread and make sure your hairs stick to the lines you have drawn. You can also use the sowing machine to sow this over the lines. When you are using the machine, you need to make sure that you are keeping the lines under the presser foot of the machine and then keep the weft of hairs right above the line so that you sow it properly. Pause in the middle of sowing and recheck if your weft is completely aligned or not.
Step 5: Once you completed sowing all the wefts on your cap, it’s time to come back to your frontal or closure. This is the complete process of how to make a lace frontal wig.

How to make a frontal wig?

Previously, we discussed how to make a closure wig. And we taught you the simplest ways of how do you make a wig now if you want to make a frontal wig you need to use frontals instead of closures. The major difference will be the elastic band that you need to sow in the front of the wig. What you need to do is that you must get the measurements of the elastic band from one ear to another earthen cut it down and sew it in front of the wig. 

frontal lace wig

How to make u part wig?

The basic process of making the wig is the same, but while changing the style we need to change the manufacturing process a bit. We are going to discuss how to make an upart wig You must start with marking the places that you are going to leave open on your dome cap.

The place where you mark lines will be the place where you will mark U part and make U part wig. You will start the wig with the same process of sowing the bundles from one end to the other but when you will come near to the U part (Marked earlier) you will start sowing it in a semi-circle to make a perfect curve near the U part. Now once you completed sowing the bundles you need to cut the U part using the scissor. Add the clips to the end for holding the wig and then straight out the hairs and do the desired styling. 

making upart wig

How to make a bob wig?

As we how to make a wig with a closure so making all the wigs have almost the same process, we are hopeful that after reading these instructions you can make your own wig, now talking about the bob wigs as it’s the most favorite wigs of mostly girls. The process is the same, once you will complete the basic wig you need to straighten the hairs and then hard comb it. Then you need to cut the hairs into a bob, be careful before cutting the hairs you must be trained enough to cut the hairs properly. 

headband bob wig

                                         How to make a quick weave wig?   

When we are talking about making a quick wig it means that we will answer the most important question of all time: how to make a wig with glue it is not very different from the other type of making wigs the only difference is this that instead of sowing the bundles we use glue to attach it over the dome cap.

Rest everything is the same, you need to draw the lines and then take glue and put some glue on the bundles, now put the bundles over the marked lines and press it gently and leave it to dry. Once it is fully dry it will be very strong like it's sewed over the cap. Now you need to style it as per requirements. Create the weave wig using hairstyles. 

                                        How to make a ponytail wig?                                      

We discussed almost all types of hair wigs and now when we talk about ponytail wigs it’s a simple wig it can be any type of simple wig that can be styled in a ponytail. While making your ponytail wig keep in mind that it will be a short wig that can be installed with a proper clip to hold it. After you made the wig you can style it into a ponytail.