Lace front m wigs are popular with many girls for their natural breathability and other advantages. However, after you wear a lace frontal wig for a period of time, it is likely to be torn. Some people think it's time to throw out the torn lace wig and get a new one. But there's no denying that a lace wig is not a cheap investment, so fixing it is far more cost-effective than getting a new one. Today, we are going to tell you how to fix your ripped wig in this blog.

How To Repair A Ripped Lace Wig?

In this part, we will mainly introduce the stitch method. Here are the necessities you will need.

What Will You Need?

1. Your ripped lace wig

2. A ventilating needle

3. Clear nylon thread

ventilating needle

The Steps To Repair A Ripped Lace Wig.

1. Turn your lace wig inside out to make the lace face you so that you can clearly see the area you need to repair.

2. Before stitching the lace, make sure all the hair at the bottom is out of your way. Then take the two sides of the torn lace and pull them together. And it should be noted that it is not going to look flawless and amazing. That is not what we are going for, we are just trying to make it seem like it was never broken. So it may look a little rough on your side, but when you turn it around, it is going to look flawless.

3. Pull the two pieces together now. When we begin to stitch, we are going to be working very close to the edges. Please keep careful not to get too close to the edge. Because if you do like this, it will be frayed and ripped, and then you have to stitch your wig again.

4. Go over a couple of rows and pull it all together. Then make your needle through both sides. Then take the nylon thread and make sure a double knot. You are going to take your thread bring it to the other side, loop it and continue using this stitching technique all the way down. And you will see as you pull each stitch it will be tightened up.

5. After finishing the stitching, turn the wig out, and you will get a flawless lace front wig.

repair a ripped lace wig

How To Repair a Lace Wig With a Hole?

To fix a ripped wig with a hole, you can also use the stitch method we introduced in the first section. Here are some tools you will need and the specific steps.

What Will You Need?

1. A small piece of lace

2. Your ripped lace wig

3. A ventilating needle

4. Clear nylon thread

The Steps To Repair A Lace Wig With A Hole.

1. Cut a piece of lace into a square a little bigger than the hole and place the lace over the hole. We are going to use the stitching technique to go around the perimeter and then turn it around to find the hole. Now let’s start.

2. Lock the first stitch in by doing a double knot. Just use one side of the nylon thread and go for it. Because you do the repair in the back of the wig, the nylon thread will not be shown and what we will do next is ventilate over the top of it. Therefore, the thread will disappear.

3. Keep stitching around the perimeter. And then finish it by taking both strings that you have to pull together, make a loop and come through with your needle. You are going to pull everything through, just like pulling two strands of hair through, and then make a regular double knot with bot strands and pull all the way through.

4. Once you do that nice and tight, cut away the excess. Now turn the wig around to find the area that you have repaired, you will see it has lace onion. Ventilate hair in that area and go through all the different layers of lace. It should be only two layers. Go through both of those layers when you ventilate and that’s how you repair a hole.

fix a lace wig with a hole


We introduced how to use the stitching method to fix a ripped wig and a lace wig with a hole. It can help fix the crack and holes and save much money for you. But if your wig has suffered heavy damage, it is difficult to fix it into a flawless one. Then you should consider getting a new lace front wig.