Long half wigs hairstyles are getting more and more popular as they are a great way to introduce some added volume and length to your hairstyle without having to wear a full wig. Natural hair half wig for black women are welcomed by many American African girls because there is no lace, no glue on them, and show supernatural look. Besides, half wig human hair clip in is so convenient to wear in 5 minutes.

There are various styles of half wigs available in the online hair shops: long or short half wigs, half curly wigs, wet and wavy half wigs, half wigs with bangs, yaki half wig, etc. They can satisfy all their needs. But for beginners, may not be clear about how to style a half wig at home. Here we are sharing with you partial half wigs all styles below.

The Ponytail

Ponytails are another great way of styling a half wig in a way that makes it look wonderfully natural. Ponytails are a classic style that looks glamorous while keeping your hair out of your face.

the ponytail

The Natural Look

If you have bought human hair curly half wigs, but your hair is straight, or vice versa, you can style you hair to match your half wig. Using a curling wand or straighteners, you can curl or straighten your hair to create a natural style. Straight hair is lovely and sleek but can sometimes look flat and lifeless, but with a half wig, you are sure to have some elegant volume!

the natural look

The Headband

To quickly and easily mask your half wig, headbands are a lovely accessory that completes a look while hiding your half wig. They are also great at producing a style that keeps your hair out of your face, brilliant if you’re out and about or at work!

the headband

The Top Knot Bun

Half wigs are great for adding that extra hair, particularly for parties and special occasions. One way to incorporate half wigs into your hairstyle, is by creating a top knot bun. Combining your own hair and the half wig into the bun will create volume and result in a glamorous look. Bring the bun high up on the top of your head to help disguise the half wig natural hair.

the top knot bun

The Half-Up Do

Style half wig to a half-up do is fashion. A half-up do is the perfect balance between hair down and hair up – the best of both worlds! Bring some of your hair back at the top and utilise the half wig for you to incorporate the extra volume into the look. Either tie part of the hair up at the back, or clip it in place. This doesn’t have to be neat, keeping the hair nice and loose works well with this look. Perhaps incorporate some loose curls too.

the half up do

The Braid

If you like the low ponytail idea but want to add something a little extra, try braiding the ponytail. Tease the hair once you have plaited it to give it some fashionable imperfections! If you’re thinking about this look for a party, why not tie the bottom of your braid with a lovely ribbon tied into a bow?

the braid

The Low Ponytail

If you have lovely long hair and nice volume from the half wig, a low ponytail is classy and glamorous, perfect for the upcoming party season! This can even be worn to the side if you want to keep some of your hair flowing down your shoulder.

the low ponytail

The Low Bun

Fixing hair at the bottom of your neck and tying it into a low bun is nice and easy but looks wonderfully elegant. Paired with your half wig and this style will have the perfect amount of volume, preventing the look from scraping back too flatly.

the low bun


Besides these half wig styles, you can make any other styles as you like. But remember that try to shop for the best half wig if you do not want to damage your natural hair. If you don’t know how to apply half wigs, check our last post or related post below. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about real hair half wigs.