Everyone dream to own a beautiful and luxurious locks.wearing hair extension or wigs has become a hot trend of fashion, hair pieces became so popular that almost everyone is familiar with them.hair industry has become a hot business.we can buy hair in the physical store or online.hair extension come in kinds of types, lengths, color, and texture.but for a buyer, what really important what they are made of.

human hair

Synthetic hair is cheaper, but it can’t last a long time as Human Hair, and human hair look and feels natural, it is more comfortable to wear a human hair than a synthetic hair.human hair is eas to style and maintains just as your natural hair which can save a lot of time in daily life.but there are sometimes we can’t distinguish the real human hair from synthetic hair.here are some tips.

Human hair can be treated just as your real hair without damage such as coloring and perming.but synthetic hair will limit you doing these. If you want the best hair, Remy human hair will be the best choice, Remy human hair is tangle free, importantly the cuticles are intact and run in the same direction.

human hair

How to tell human hair from synthetic hair? Some hair companies claim that the hair they sell is virgin when it is actually not. There are a number of vendors out there in the market that claim to sell Virgin Remy hair. therefore important for you to make sure how to tell if human hair is real.

The first test is the color, the virgin Hair will always have the donor’s hair color. The color may range from natural black to browns. However, most often it is medium brown. Another thing to look at is pricing, If the human hair is unbelievable cheap, then it is probably not human hair

human hair

Check the fiber of the hair closely.If the hair is mixed with synthetic hair, you can find out. You can test it Cut off a small sample of the hair which you purchased and place it directly above a small flame such as a cigarette lighter or a candle. The fake turn out to burns badly. Real Virgin hair usually produces smoke but not a huge flame when touches the flame.The most important test, that you can carry out to identify virgin hair is the wet test. If the hair is not virgin it feels heavy when it becomes wet. virgin hair will retain its wave pattern or natural curl even if it is wet.

A reliable hair seller is important when buying hair, nadula hair guarantee that all of our products are 100% virgin human hair, we only supply high-quality hair products.