Lace front wig's lace is designed to create a more realistic hairline. But since bacteria can easily accumulate on a dirty forehead, it can easily reduce the beauty and comfort of the lace. So, if you want your lace front wig to look its best and last a long time, you must wash it regularly.

It is important to properly care for your lace front wig to achieve the longest life and best appearance. Maintaining and cleaning your lace front wig is not difficult. Just give the wig some special care. Regular lace front wig will make it look clean, new, longer, prettier and attractive and prevent shedding, curling and tangling. So, how do you clean a lace front wig? See our cleaning guide for lace front wig.

Wash A Lace Front Wig

Step1. Do a Good Job Of Preparation

Do a Good Job Of Preparation

1. Towel

2. Wide tooth comb

3. Special shampoo for wigs

4. Hair conditioner

5. Wig stand

6. Adhesive remover (e.g. C22 citrus solvent)

7. Basin

Step2. Pre-wash Care

Pre-wash Care

1. It would be best if you used a wide tooth comb to comb through any tangles gently. Start brushing or combing the wig from the ends. Start by gently combing the ends of the wig. Once they are free of tangles, work your way towards the roots until you can brush or comb through them without getting stuck.

2. To avoid hair loss, do not pull the hair hard. Then, remove the adhesive or tape. Starting from the polyurethane area of the lace wig, remove the tape. Use your fingernail to scrape the edges of the tape to begin peeling gently.

3. Caution:Do not peel or remove any tape from the lace area, as this may damage the lace. if you have problems removing the adhesive, try soaking the lace wig in the adhesive remover for some time before peeling it off.

Step3. Wash Wig With Shampoo

Wash Wig With Shampoo

1. Fill the basin with distilled water or pure water Use cold water so the wig can keep its shape and style better. Pour a small shampoo into the water and stir it with your hands. Use a good quality shampoo appropriate for the type of hair you are washing. For example, if you are washing a curly wig, use a shampoo designed for curly hair. If your wig is dyed, try using a colour-safe shampoo.

2. Gently soak the wig in the shampoo mixture. Turn the wig to make sure it gets well saturated. Never rub, twist, roll or scrub the wig hard. This may cause damage or breakage to the wig. Let the wig soak for about 10 minutes.

3. Turn the hair cap inside out to see if the inside needs additional cleaning. Sometimes the scalp, natural hair, glue or concealer used on the wig may accumulate a lot of product. If needed, you can gently wipe the lace front and cap with your fingers or a soft toothbrush.

Step4. Rinse The Wig

Rinse The Wig

1. Wash the wig with cold water from top to bottom until all the shampoo is washed off.

2. Gently squeeze out as much water as possible. Wipe the wig with a towel.

3. When the hair is slightly damp, apply conditioner with a wide-tooth comb or by hand.

Step5. Conditioner The Lace Front Wig

Conditioner The Lace Front Wig

1. Apply conditioner evenly. When using conditioner, avoid the bottom of the front lace wig. Because it will unravel the knots on top of the lace and cause hair loss.

2. leave the conditioner on the wig for at least five minutes.

3. Wash the wig thoroughly with cold water. Run cold water from the top of the wig down to the ends of the hair.

4. Gently squeeze hair to remove excess moisture. Absorb the water with a towel.

Step6. Let The Wig Dry Naturally

Let The Wig Dry Naturally

Place the hair on the wig stand and let it dry naturally. Keep your hair away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Avoid using a hair dryer and combing your hair until the lace wig is completely dry. Once the hair is completely dry, you can start styling.

How To Extend The Life Of The Lace Front Wig?


Now you know how to clean the lace front wig yourself. But there are some other precautions to take into account.

·Put the wig on a wig stand when not wearing it. This will help maintain its structure and prevent tangling. And avoid eye contact. Harsh conditions such as direct sunlight can dry the hair and even change its colour.

·Never use regular hair care products on your wig. Harsh chemicals can irreversibly damage synthetic and real hair wigs in daily shampoos, conditioners and styling treatments. If you use regular hair care products, your wig will look frizzy, shapeless or too shiny.

·Don't wash your wig too often. Washing your wig frequently strips away the synthetic fibres and makes it more difficult to recover over time.

·We strongly recommend checking the water temperature when wearing a lace wig. Instead of washing your human hair in hot water, use cold or lukewarm water. After all, hot water can cause lace wigs to lose their softness and even deform.

·Wear a wig cap under the wig. Wearing a wig cap will protect your natural hair and prevent the wig from absorbing as much oil or product from your hair as possible, making it last longer between washes.

·Never sleep with your wigs on; this will cause them to become messy and tangled. Leave them on a wig stand or leave them overnight.


The more careful and gentle you are with your human hair wig, the longer it will last. Following the above shampoo steps and precautions will make your wig more beautiful. If you have any questions about our wigs, please feel free to contact us.

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