If you wear wigs frequently, it is recommended that you wash them every 2-3 weeks. This is because frequent wearing of wigs will cause sweat, dust and skin oil to accumulate on the cap and lace of the wig, affecting its appearance and service life. If you do not wear it every day, it is recommended that you wash it every 10 times. Regular cleaning of wigs can not only maintain their luster and natural appearance, but also prevent the generation of bacteria and odors, ensuring comfort and hygiene when wearing.

Different materials of wigs also need to pay attention to different methods when cleaning and maintaining. For example, human hair wigs can be washed and cared for like natural hair, but synthetic fiber wigs require special care steps to avoid damage from high temperature and chemicals. For synthetic fiber wigs, special wig sprays and care products can be used to keep them smooth and shiny. This article mainly explains the relevant knowledge about the cleaning of human hair wigs.

How to Clean Glue Residue from Lace

The lace part of the wig is usually fixed with glue, but these glues will stick to the lace after hardening, which will not only damage the lace, but also affect the next wearing effect. Therefore, it is very important to clean these glues correctly. You can prepare some mild detergent, external alcohol and white vinegar, as well as warm water. Their ingredients can help dissolve certain types of glue without damaging the lace.

In the process of cleaning the glue, you can use a clean white cloth or cotton ball to wipe it, or you can use a cotton swab to precisely clean small areas. For areas with more glue residue, you can use a butter knife or spatula to gently scrape off the excess glue. It should be noted that when using a butter knife or spatula, be very careful to avoid scratching the lace or causing other damage.

The specific steps are as follows

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution: Mix warm water with mild detergent, external alcohol or white vinegar to make a cleaning solution. Alcohol and white vinegar can effectively dissolve most glue without causing chemical damage to the lace.
  2. Soak the lace: Gently place the lace part of the wig in the cleaning solution and soak it for a few minutes to allow the glue to begin to dissolve. Do not soak it for too long to avoid affecting the lace fibers.
  3. Clean the glue: Use a clean white cloth or cotton ball to dip in the cleaning solution and gently wipe the glue residue on the lace. For glue that is more difficult to remove, you can dip a cotton swab in the cleaning solution and carefully clean a small area.
  4. Scrape off the glue: If there is a lot of glue residue in some places, you can use a butter knife or spatula to gently scrape off the excess glue. Pay attention to the strength when scraping to avoid excessive force that may damage the lace.
  5. Rinse the lace: After cleaning the glue, rinse the lace part thoroughly with warm water to ensure that the cleaning solution and dissolved glue residue are all rinsed off.
  6. Air-dry the lace: Finally, gently press the lace with a clean towel to absorb excess water, and then place the wig in a ventilated place to dry naturally. Avoid using a high-temperature hair dryer to avoid damage to the lace and wig fibers.

Through the above steps, you can effectively clean the glue residue on the lace of the wig, keep the lace intact and the wig clean. Regularly cleaning the glue can not only extend the service life of the wig, but also ensure the comfort and natural effect every time you wear it.

cleaning human wigs

Things to note when cleaning human wigs

After cleaning the glue, you can start washing the wigs. When washing wigs, you need to use a mild wigs-specific cleaner and avoid using ordinary shampoo and conditioner, as ordinary shampoo and conditioner may damage the wig fibers. During the washing process, you should be gentle and avoid excessive rubbing and pulling to prevent the wig from falling or deforming. After washing, you should let it air dry naturally and avoid using a high-temperature hair dryer to prevent damage to the wig fibers.

How often should human-hair wigs be cleaned if worn frequently

As mentioned above, if you wear a wig every day, it is recommended to wash it every 2-3 weeks. However, in recent years, the wig industry has developed rapidly, and now many wigs can be "put on and go", that is, they can be put on and taken off quickly. For example, Nadula  7x5 Bye Bye Knots can be worn completely without glue. Therefore, this product does not have the step of cleaning glue when washing, saving a lot of time. Bye Bye Knots Wigs uses high-quality materials and designs, allowing the wearer to enjoy a beautiful hairstyle without worrying about the trouble of the wearing process.

7x5 Bye Bye Knots

In addition, there is a product called Pre everything Wigs that is also worth recommending. This wig is equipped with a special film that fits the contour of our head very well. We call it "magic ear tab" because this ear-edge design can better fit the contour of the head. After wearing the wigs, you only need to glue it to the ear to keep it comfortable and stable. This design not only improves the firmness of the wigs, but also greatly increases the comfort of wearing. In addition, the film material we specially selected is also unique. When you want to tear this film off the wig, it will not leave any sticky residue, making cleaning and maintenance more convenient.

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In short, whether you wear it frequently or occasionally, regular cleaning of wigs is a key measure to maintain its beauty and extend its service life. Of course, if you choose the two wigs I recommend above, it will be easier and more labor-saving to clean and maintain your hair. I hope that after reading this article, through reasonable cleaning and maintenance, your wig will always look new, helping you to confidently show every look.