Do you like to wear hats? Hats are not only the best accessory to clothing during the cold season, but also help provide warmth in winter. Can you wear a wig with your hat? Many of us have this question because most of us wear wigs in our daily lives. In fact, just because you wear a wig doesn't mean you can't wear a hat, read on as I tell you how to pair a hat and wig perfectly during the cold season.

wear hat with wig

Why wear a hat with a wig?

Nothing says fashion like a hat! So, do hats really give us a useful benefit, an important help? Can the benefits of hats affect our health? In fact, they do have great value for our health, for great reasons you may not know.

wear hat to protect wig

1. Block ultraviolet radiation

When the sun is high in the sky, a hat is essential to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. The hat also protects the wig itself from fading in long-term sunlight. Although the winter weather is cold, does not affect the intensity of ultraviolet rays.

2. To keep warm

Are you cold? If you live in a cool climate, a wig alone may not be enough to keep your head warm during the winter! You can wear a knit cap on your wig. Pairing a wig with a knit or wool hat is a great way to stay comfortable during the snow season.

3. Block harmful gases

Do you like cooking? Cooking is bad for wigs. The heat from the oven and steam stove tops can really melt your synthetic wig, and all those scents from food and condiments can seep into your wig. To protect your wig from an unpleasant fate, wear a loose cap or wig over it while you cook. You don't take dishes out of the oven without gloves, and you shouldn't cook without tucking in your synthetic wig accessories.

How to wear a hat with wig?

The following tips are perfect for those who like wearing wigs and hats. By following these tips, you can easily combine a hat with a wig.

1. Choose the right hat

When wearing a hat with a wig, the first step is to decide on the type of hat that best suits you and your wig. Of course, you should choose a style and color that you like, but consider the material and weight of the hat. Any hat that feels heavy will make your head feel hot, uncomfortable, and heavy. If you can, look for a hat that feels a little too big, as this will give you extra room for the hat to sit snugly on top of your wig.

2. Be sure to secure your wig

When you want to wear a hat and a wig, do you wear a wig cap? Definitely wear a wig cap! The wig cap gives you a sense of security because your wig is firmly held in place and won't move or slide off when wearing it. If a wig cap doesn't suit you, wig tape has the same effect and will hold your wig to your scalp.

3. Remove your hat correctly

If you're out in public and getting too hot, I hope your hat is off in a private space, preferably a bathroom with a mirror. When removing the hat, hold the front of the wig in place with one hand to prevent it from moving, and gently lift the hat off with the other hand. Always carry a brush or comb with you to get rid of any cap hair, tangles, or knots.

4. Use a nursing spray

The spray is the anti-frizz essence of winter wigs and hats. Winter is the driest season for everything, including the air, our skin, and our wigs. Hair spray is essential when it gets cold in December, or October if you live in a state that the cold weather appears. After washing the wig, spray it with conditioner while it dries.

5. Position your hat gently

When it comes to how to wear a hat over a wig, try different angles. For example, you can pull your hat down further and wear it against your ear to get warm. In addition, try wearing the hat at an upward angle behind the head, exposing the front of the wig. For extra peace of mind, you can use bobby pins to hold the hat tightly together. Put it gently on top of the wig. Be careful not to yank your hat down, you don't want to squish your cute wig.


Whether you wear a wig or not, a hat is a great accessory to keep you warm during the colder months. In winter weather, synthetic wigs and human hair wigs have different care needs. Like your natural hair, human hair wigs react to the weather and may curl, so they require more care and attention than synthetic wigs, which can maintain their style throughout the year. I hope you can use a wig care restoration product to ensure your wig stays in tip-top condition, as cold can dry out and damage your wig.