High-profile wigs are a symbol of glamour cherished by people over the years. People have been using wigs in various cultures worldwide. This way, they can try new hairstyles without damaging their natural hair. Nowadays, wigs are a popular fashion element among celebrities and iconic figures. Queen Elizabeth is also admired as a fashion icon setting standards for professional women. 

The public has been so obsessed with the royal family and their various life aspects. Queen Elizabeth II still is undoubtedly the most iconic member of the royal family, holding the crown since 1952. The Queen of Britain was usually dressed in bright-colored skirt suits with an adorable matching hat and umbrella. Sometimes she used to wear white gloves with a trendy handbag on her forearm. Perhaps she wore a white wig to enhance her appearance. 

Many people wonder about Queen Elizabeth wearing a wig in 2022. The Queen had the same hairstyle and hair length for years. She had been carrying it in the same way since the 1950s and stopped dying her hair in 1980. However, the online community is spreading rumors that Elizabeth wears a wig. Let’s explore if this rumor is true!

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When did this rumor get started?

Years ago a horrible incident took place at Buckingham Palace in 1982. The gossip started that the Queen wore a wig when an invader claimed he had seen a wig in the Queen's bedroom. He invaded the Queen's room twice, and for the second time, he entered his wardrobe and saw a wig on the makeup table. 

Fagan, the invader, climbed the pipeline to the roof and entered the palace through the window; the majesty was sleeping there. After some months, he denied seeing a wig in an interview with the Daily Star.

Is that Queen’s Real Hair?

Other than Fagan’s shout-out, there has been no evidence or claims of the Queen wearing a wig. Someone asked Royal blogger Marilyn Braun if the Queen wears a wig. Marilyn said, “In all of the books I’ve read about her, I don’t think I’ve ever heard about her wearing wigs. I’m going to say no. I don’t think the Queen wears wigs.”

What we find on the internet about wearing colorful wigs is Queen Elizabeth I. She suffered from an illness and lost her hair due to a smallpox infection. This loss made her start wearing wigs as early as her twenties. Elizabeth I used to wear auburn wigs consistent with her natural hair colors. Then, she continued to wear other colored wigs throughout her life to mask her grey hair.


The Secret Behind Queen’s Perfect Hairstyle

During her long reign, the Queen wore the same hairstyle with changing lengths. She has perfectly beautiful hair with an elegant appearance in front of the public. The 95-year-old Elizabeth was so conscious about her consistent appearance that she always ensured that her trusted hairdresser did everything to keep her hair symmetrical. 

Scott Ian Carmichael, the Queen’s hairdresser, once said, "Of all my clients, the Queen is by far my favorite. She has wonderful hair." Before the lockdown, Ian used to visit Buckingham Palace every week to dress the royal hair. 

Queen Elizabeth Got a New Haircut on her Platinum Jubilee

According to Queen’s near ones, she always loved to have symmetrical hair, so her iconic look remained the same throughout, irrespective of the direction someone was looking at her.

On her Platinum Jubilee in 2022, Elizabeth changed her signature look for the very first time in years. In the new look, the Queen appears with shorter hair. For years, Queen had a special distinct hairstyle to make her appear different from other people in her company. 

According to her companions, this change is a good addition to her aged looks. In the Queen’s book, The other side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser, and the Wardrobe, the Queen’s hairdresser shares her experience being in charge of the hairstyling of the Queen and how stressful and difficult it is to be the hairdresser of the royal family.

In the book, it is mentioned that Kelly’s duties include washing the Queen’s hair, styling, and trimming whenever she needed it in March 2020. The Queen never experimented with her looks, like her late sister. She never changed the shades of her hair and different cutting styles. The only example with a wig was her grandmother, Queen Marry, who used the false hair as a bang with her original hair.

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Bottom Line

Queen’s hairstyle was consistent b with her rulings over the years. She retained the same hairdresser, Ian Carmichael, for the last 11 years of her life. If she ever wears the wigs, then her hairdresser definitely knows about it. She wore the same hairstyle with slightly varying lengths. People appreciate her elegant style and aesthetic sense around the world.