If you are searching for human hair wigs or bundles, you will found there are many different hair textures of them, loose wave hair, body wave, deep wave, kinky curly hair, and so on. These different curls are defined according to the hair bending degrees by the sellers.

Now here is a fact is that more and more black women are wearing more wavy hair weaves in the last couple of years. So they are always searching for reliable wholesale hair vendors. I'm sure that the natural hair movement is the major motivating factor in this recent trend. So the popularity of wet and wavy hair weaves as a protective styling option will only increase.

loose wave hair bundle

What are the main human hair types of Loose wave human hair?

There are several kinds of loose wave hair bundles on the human hair market. Like Brazilian loose wave, Indian loose wave, Malaysian loose wave, Peruvian loose wave hair... Every hair types represent different hair textures. Now let's see them in details one by one.

Brazilian loose wave hair:

Brazilian hair is generally a term used to describe a look and feel. It is the most popular hair type in America and South Africa and well-known by the American-African women. The hair is typically soft, relatively thick and very durable. For this reason, the hair is suited to any style so it is always a great option whether you prefer a straight, wavy or curly style.

Loose wave Brazilian hair is very bouncy, it also handles color extremely well so if you have virgin Brazilian hair you can color the hair to any color you like. Due to the natural density, the hair has it is also less likely to frizz which is a big plus and you can also use fewer. Brazilian loose wave is the best choice if you like loose wave human hair.

Malaysian loose wave hair:

Malaysian Hair is extremely sought after natural texture and a very popular choice among young people all over the world. Malaysian hair weave has an extremely gorgeous feel and is smooth and shiny, but not devilishly shiny. The hair luster is low. In general, it is very dark brown and close to black, with some parts of bundles may have lighter ends. Malaysian Hair blends very well with most hair types including African American.

Malaysian loose wave hair is very smooth and not tangled. Loose wavy hair gives you the best of both worlds. It is more manageable than kinky hair, with a bounce that bone straight hair usually lacks.

Brazilian loose wave

Indian loose wave hair:

Indian human hair is very common now. It is a big part of the virgin human extensions. There are many hair donors from India of the virgin hair.  

Loose wave Indian hair is similar with Brazilian or Malaysian loose wave hair. It has naturally dark, so blends well with many types of dark hair. If you have any questions, like how to make your Indian hair extensions perfect?   How to care for the Indian hair?  You can check nadula.com to see the details.

Peruvian loose wave hair:

Peruvian loose wave hair must be 100% real Peruvian hair. So if the Peruvian loose wave weave bundles are from the best hair vendors, they must be pure in color and are machine double weft. In addition, the Peruvian hair weaves should be permeable and style-able. The Peruvian hair weaves are of natural hair and can be dyed and bleached just like normal hair, no matter it is straight, curly, or loose wavy Peruvian hair.

Ok, dear, these are the main hair types of 100% human hair for the loose wave textures. There are many hair vendors for you to choose from the online shops. But if you do not want to wear human hair extension, or you want to make your straight hair extensions wavy, we will share you the easy ways to get the loose wavy hair now:

Peruvian loose wave

How to curl hair in loose wave?

Step1:Take a vertical section and mist with a thermal heat spray to protect your hair from the heat then use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product. Choose the direction you want the hair to curl, either toward your face or away from your face.

Step2:Focus on keeping the section flat while wrapping it around your curling iron. Remember, don't twist the hair around the iron.

Step3:Continue to wrap the hair around the iron until you get to the ends. To create more natural looking curls, don't curl the last 2 or so.

HOT TIP: Taking smaller sections will create a tighter curl pattern and larger sections will create a looser curl pattern. Experiment with the size of your sections until you find the perfect curl size for you!

how to curl loose waves

Now, let's see how to take care of the loose wave hair extensions after you wearing them:

Care tips of loose wave hair bundles

1. Buy the virgin hair from a brand company which can help use long-time. Notice, please don't buy some cheap hair which will look terrible in months and gets tangled very quickly.

2. Comb the hair with a big comb or just combing the hair through your finger to avoid tangle or any broken hair.

3. Sleep with one silk scarf or a satin cap if you want the best style of loose wave weave and want one completely relaxed night which we help your hair avoid tangling.

4. Dry your hair with natural wind or lower heat hairdryer, Don't use the hot settings which will make your hair looks dry, lots of the nutrition or much terrible.

5. Wear one swim cap when you Take a bath or go to the beach for a vacation.

6. Apply some detangle or soft thing after you washing your hair, which makes your hair looks shiny and moist.

care for loose wave hair

For everyone, your hair really is your best accessory. Girls, even boys are taking more times on their hair every day. Great hair can make or break an outfit. So if you are looking to wear some loose waves in your hair, you are in the right place. Nadula can supply you the unprocessed hair extensions with many different waves.

Big curls are easy to take care and dears, you can try to wearing the loose wavy human hair to make you more charming.

See Nadula Malaysian loose wave hair review by one of our consumers on youtube: