Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. I'll be doing a review on the nadula hair. I'm really excited to do this for you guys because I don't know there's just something about unboxing hair, and just seeing what's been sent to me, and seeing exactly how it would be sent to you guys, and there's a really nice quote in here that says don't quit, don't stop, don't give up, keep going and I find that so nice.

nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig

Ways to install nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig

Nadula hair gave me some goodies in the bag, so I'm opening that for you guys and showing you, and now what you guys are here for the hair, so it comes in a plastic bag that says the length on it, and this is the hair right here you guys. You can tell that it's really really nice already, and I'm taking off the mesh, and you can see the curls, the curls are really really beautiful.nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig

I can tell that it's really lightweight, so I really like that, so I'm taking out the styrofoam that's in there, and I believe that's there to keep the shape of the nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig which is really good, but look at that you guys, look at that you can tell the knots are so small, so I won't have to do any plucking at all, and I love that so much.nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig
This is how the inside looks it has an adjustable band, which is super important because we're gonna need it so that this wig could be completely glueless, all right so I'm putting on the wig, and I'm adjusting it to where I would like it to be, and you guys, even though the lace is looking kind of crazy right now. I can tell that this hair is going to be amazing, so this is how it looks right now, right out of the box, fresh out of the box, so I'm already looking and seeing so this, this is basically like a frontal because it has a lot of lace. I forgot the dimensions, I will write them down in the description box, but anyways all right.

nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig

1. Customize the lace

Now we're going to customize the lace, and I'm going to put usually have my flat brush, but I'm using a beauty blender because I can't find the brush, but I'm using my Fenty bronzer, and I use my bronzer on the lace because it's the shade that's the closest to my forehead, and now I'm putting it on, and we can already see a difference you guys, it looks really really good.

However, I need to put a little bit more because you know like it's still a little bit light, so I'm just going to add a little bit more off-camera, and this is how it looks, already you can see it looks beautiful looking at the difference. I put a before and after for you guys, so you guys can really see the difference in how important it is, to make sure that you customize the lace, so basically the video is done, this is how you can wear it straight out of the box, you just put it on it's not glued, it's just on my head right now, so this is really really nice, and I'm showing you guys over here.

nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig

2. Make some baby hair

I will definitely be doing some baby hairs though, so I'm just showing you guys that it's completely glueless, and it looks like it's glued like it looks amazing. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to put the melting band on it, even though I didn't glue it. I like to put this on just so that it can take the shape of my head of my forehead and that it could look really really nice, and sometimes I even put some mousse on it, and it still makes it glueless but at least it makes it nice and stuck on your head, and now I'm going to make some baby hair, this is a really crucial part for me, especially when it comes to closures, so I'm just doing that I cut a little bit on the side.

nadula glueless 6*4.5 transparent lace closure wig

And then I put some mousse, and then as you can see I swooped it up like that, and look you guys it's glueless, and it's just staying on my head and that's why I really like doing the whole method of um putting that melting band on with some mousse because it really really helps, it really helps it just keep it down on your head and that adjustable band at the back it's perfect because it makes it nice and snug. And I'm putting the band One More Time. I'm just gonna let a little bit of time pass, the more you put the band, The more it's going to fit your head nicely, so that's what I'm doing but while that's going on, I'm going to take some mousse. I'm going to put it at the top of my head just so that it could be nice and flat, and I take it off and this is the final look. 

Real reviews from Saskie Annie

This is absolutely beautiful. I'm so in love with it. I'm so in love with the hair, and look at the hairline you guys like it looks so natural, it's glueless and you know it looks like it's good on, so this is the hair right here. If there's anything I have to say about it the only downside is that, it is lightweight and I wish it was just a little bit Fuller but other than that, this is amazing. It did not shed I just did the shedding test look you can whip your hair back and forth and the hair will stay in place, so I'm loving this right now, thank you so much for watching my video. I'll see you guys next time and shout out to nadula hair.