Do you like wearing a wig? How about a pre-cut lace wig? These days, but always talking about the type of wig, the most loved by consumers must be a pre-cut lace wig. If you've never tried wearing a pre-cut lace wig before, read on and watch the video below to see what fashion icon Kay has to say.

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It’s getting easier every day, new glueless pre-cut lace wig, no more cutting lace

Hey guys, it is Kay, of course, welcome back to my channel. If you're a new welcome to this video, I want to share with you a wig. Let me show you all just how good this wig is holding on, and so you know it's real, it's glueless. I was sent over from nadula hair, just in case any of you are interested all the links and details to this wig will be in my description box.

pre-cut body wave lace closure wigs

This is what the packaging looks like, if you're not familiar with nadula hair, this is supposed to be their pre-cut lace wig that you can just put on and be on your way, it's supposed to be glueless, the wig they sent over it is Brazilian hair is 24 inches, and it's a curly texture, and the curls I will say are really really pretty, so this is what the wig looks like.

Pre-cut lace closure wear & go 4x4 jerry curly human hair wig

I don't know the dimensions of this lace, but it will be in my description box. Here is the construction. It comes with two combs off to the side, it also has an elastic band, that is adjustable I do believe, and that's just basically so it can fit your head properly, so you won't have to glue it down, and you can just wear it glueless, it has a comb in the back, but no adjustable strips, it does have like this sticky tape, is not tape, but it's kind of like plastic.

Pre-cut lace closure wear & go 4x4 jerry curly human hair wig

How to install pre-cut lace closure wig

I feel like it's going to hug your head when it's not going to move or shift. The only thing I need to this wig is wet it a little bit put my curly products on it, and let it air dry. I can have a speedy application because you're not you don't have to do basically anything to this wig, I want to see if I will be able to just put it on and go, but because the knots are not bleached, I am going to go in with my finishing powder, and or what I use to contour my face, and I'm going to put it on the lace, so it can blend in.

pre-cut jerry curly lace closure wig

When I cut my lace off, I cut it close to the hairline, it's still a smidge of lace right there, if it's an issue, I'll go in and cut it, but that defeats the whole purpose, and I don't really want to disturb the curls that much, I'm just going to add it lightly right here, because I want this to blend in with my forehead, because you still can see some of that lace, and I'm just really focusing more towards the front of the wig, in the middle part, even though I feel like I'm going to put concealer in a pot just to liven it up a bit, but this is what we're looking like, and I'm going to go ahead, and adjust the strap, so I can wear this glueless because y'all know me in this peanut head of mines.

pre-cut lace 4c kinky curly honey blonde highlight wigs

I adjust it all the way, this is why I don't like wearing a nude stocking cap, because you can see it, you can like see the stocking cap under the lace, that's why I always wear a black stocking cap. I know I get so many questions like why do you wear a black stocking cap, this is why right here. I don't like that, so I'm gonna go in and add some concealer, if I can find the brush, this is so freaking pretty, did y'all see how easy that was can y'all see the lace, y'all really can't see the lace.
I'm going to go in a little bit more, just because I can see the lace a little bit, so I'm going to go in with my concealer, and you already can see the part, because I have on a nude. I don't like how this part is like the front part has a fold in it where you keep on scooting back, it's over here for me like the curls were all intertwined together, and I didn't really like that, so this side might be a bit frizzier than this side, but that's okay.
Let me show you all just how good this wig is holding on, okay y'all ready, links in the description and so you know what's really like this thing, it's not on here like, it's glueless, so pretty. If you want to know about Nadula real customers' reviews, please click here.