Have you noticed that golden brown hair has always been popular? Have you ever thought about trying the classic and fashionable wig of golden brown? Have you ever learned about golden brown wig products?

Whether in the past or today, whether it is ordinary people or celebrities, golden brown hair seems to have always been very popular among girls of all ages and styles. Today, lets try to learn some basic information about a golden brown wig.

The New Product of Golden Brown Hair

Recently, there is a new hair product on Nadula, a golden brown wig, which is the wig we want to introduce to you in the post.

The color of the wig

In terms of color, it belongs to light golden brown hair. Gold and ginger brown are mixed. The overall color is a warm color which gives people a very bright and warm but not dazzling feeling. 

The color of the golden brown wig is very versatile, no matter what clothes you wear or what kind of makeup you prepare, it can match them very well. In addition, it can be very coordinated with your skin tone, and it can also bring out the natural beauty of your skin.

The texture of the golden brown wig

If you have ever bought some hair products on Nadula, you must know that all our hair products are made of 100% virgin hair. All of our hair products have top qualities, and the golden brown wig is no exception.

 The hairstyle of this wig is body wave. Because it is made of 100% human hair, you will feel very soft when you touch the wig. The hair will not break easily. The curls are bouncy enough and can be held for a long time. Moreover, the hair will not shed and is tangle-free.

The cap is made of Swiss brown lace, which means that you will feel very soft and breathable after you put on it. The golden brown wig is a lace frontal wig, whose size is 13x4 inches. That means you can do the free part and do any hairstyle you like.

The length of the golden brown wig

Currently, we have two kinds of hair lengths available for you, 16 inches and 22 inches. The 16-inch hair wig is medium-length hair, it can reach your shoulder position after you put on it. The other is long hair, it can reach the position under your shoulder blade. You can choose them according to your preference.

Actually, we also provide customized services, if you need a longer length, you can contact our service and tell them the length you want.

How to Maintain the Golden Brown Wig?

As we mentioned earlier, this wig is made of real human hair. So it can be straightened, rolled, or dyed. But at the same time, we must also pay attention to the protection of the hair.

  1. Comb lightly

When you need to comb it, you have to do that lightly. For combing wigs, it is generally better to choose a relatively sparse comb. When combing wigs, you should use the method of diagonal combing, not straight combing, and remember to keep your actions light enough

  1. Hair clips

To prevent the wig from being scraped by the wind, some people tend to clip the wig with bobby pins. However, if you fix the wig too tightly with many bobby pins, the cap of the wig, especially the lace part, will be torn easily. Therefore, we recommend you use decorative headbands to fix the hair on the wig instead of bobby pins.

  1. Wash and protect

Do not rub it with your hands when you are washing it. If you wear it often, it can be washed once every two or three months. Before washing, comb the wig with a com. And then use the diluted conditioner solution to wash it. During the washing process, you have to keep combing the hair.

Never rub the hair with your hands or soak the wig in the washing liquid. Just use your both hands to gently rinse the foam in the direction of the hair, and then dry it, remember to avoid exposing it to the sun.

How to Buy the Golden Brown Wig?

You can click this link to view specific information about this productAnd after you click in, you can see the purchase page, and then click "Buy Now”, then just operate according to the process instructions. And there is a discount to help you get the new golden brown wig at a lower price.

It is worth mentioning that we also support the "Buy Now Pay Later" purchase method, both PayPal and Klarna can be used. If you don't have enough money to pay for it now, you can choose to get it first, and then pay in installments, so that you can not only immediately own the golden brown wig, but also reduce your current financial pressure. If you still have some confusion about Buy Now Pay Later, you can click this link to learn about it.

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This post mainly introduces our new product, the golden brown wig, which includes three parts, the basic information of the wig, how to maintain it, and how to buy it. Golden brown hair is really popular in many crowds and occasions. This color matches the sunset color in autumn and winter, so it is a wig that is very worth trying.