Since its establishment, Nadula has been continuously striving to improve product quality and user experience. From the popular Bundles in the past to the popular wig products today, Nadula has been constantly innovating and launched a series of exciting products, such as V-part, HD-lace, Bye Bye Knots Wig, etc., each product Committed to solving the pain points encountered by users during use.

Recently, Nadula launched a new campaign - "One-Hair For All: Pre-Work Saver Nadula Pre-Everything Wig", which brings five new product recommendations to users. The discounts in this event are huge and surprising. For $169, you can walk away with a top-quality 13x4 20-inch Nadula human hair product. Moreover, if you choose to pay in installments, you only need to pay US$42.25 each time, and the payment is interest-free, making your shopping easier. This activity is really a great deal! Click here for more event details, don’t miss it!

About Pre-Everything Wig

Let me first introduce to you why this product is called Pre-everthing, because Pre-cut 13x4 Lace,Pre-taped & Pre-styled. Pre-bleached & Pre-plucked, the following will explain to you the detailed meaning of these words.

Pre-Everything Wig

Glueless Ease Meets 13×4 Ear-to-Ear Lace

Nadula Pre-Everything Wig brings you a whole new wig experience! This wig not only looks natural, but also adopts a new glue-free front design, allowing you to get rid of the tedious glue process and enjoy beautiful hairstyles easily. It is equipped with an upgraded version of peel-off magic ear pieces, which makes it more comfortable for you to wear, fits the curve of your head better, and perfectly blends into your natural hairline, as if your hair is what you were born with.

Glueless Ease Meets 13×4 Ear-to-Ear Lace

You don’t need to spend a lot of time preparing and wearing your wig. In just 30 seconds, you can complete the entire wearing process and immediately enjoy the confidence and charm brought by beautiful hairstyles. Ready to use right out of the box, so you can look your best anytime, anywhere.

This wig has detachable elastic bands dual adjustment, taking into account the differences in each person's head, so you don't need to worry about the wig being too tight or too loose, you can simply adjust it to your needs and get the comfort that best suits you strength and stability. This detachable elastic band design not only provides additional safety, but also increases convenience during wearing.

reddish brown water wave pre everything wig

Pre-cut&Melt with All Skin Tones

The lace of this wig is so natural that once you put it on, it blends so perfectly with your skin tone that it becomes almost unnoticeable that you are wearing a wig. This is thanks to its invisible lace and knot design, which allows the wig to blend naturally on your head, as if it were your natural hair.

Compared to regular wigs, the Nadula Pre-Everything Wig not only looks more realistic, but is also more comfortable and natural to wear. Whether for everyday life or special occasions, you can wear it with confidence because it looks so natural, no one will wonder if you are wearing a wig.

In addition, Nadula Pre-Everything Wig also has a large lace area - 13*4, allowing you to freely distribute the laces according to your preferences and create various fashionable hairstyles. Whether you want straight, curly or other styles, this wig can meet your needs and let you express your personality.

freely distribute the laces

Tape It My Way Challenge:Join To Get Cash Back Or Free Hair

If you’re eager to get a stunning Nadula Pre-Everything Wig for free, or want to win huge cash prizes, then this challenge is for you! By participating in this challenge, you will have a chance to win your dream wig or an exciting cash prize.

This challenge is not only an opportunity to show your personal charm, but also a platform to share your unique style with others. You can participate in the challenge by showing off your creativity, fashion sense or unique style, whether through photos or videos, you can show off your personality.

Tape It My Way Challenge

Activity Rules:

Step 1: Create a video showing how easy it is to install the Pre-Everything Wig. You can also glue your pre-everything wig on in your own way.

Step 2: Post it to IGIFB/TikTok or Nadula Feed to join the challenge

Note: When posting videos, be sure to tag @Nadula And Use The Hashtags: #Nadula PreEverything wig #TapeltMyWay

Activity Award:

1.$20 Refund:All participants will get $20 Cash Refund

2.Full Refund:Reach 500 Likes to receive a Full Cash Refund

Two Options To Win

Option 1:Don't Have Pre-Everything Wig? Apply A Free One!(Click to enter the event page

Option 2:Already have Pre Everything Wig?Post Video & Win Cashback Directly

Participating in this challenge will not only allow you to get a Pre-Everything Wig or generous cash prizes, but also allow you to meet more like-minded friends to share your happiness and passion. Don't miss this great opportunity, come and join the challenge and show your style!

Pre-Everything Wig2.0


The Nadula Pre-Everything Wig is not only impressive in appearance, but it’s also a great product in terms of comfort and versatility. Choose it to make your hairstyle more natural, fashionable and charming!

Nadula has always been guided by user needs, constantly launching innovative products and organizing various preferential activities to provide users with a better shopping experience. Whether you are looking for hair bundles or wig products, Nadula can meet your needs, allowing you to have a stylish hairstyle and show confident charm. Hurry up and seize this opportunity, try this newly upgraded product - Pre-Everything Wig, and start a new wig journey!