You will not strange with Peruvian hair if you are usually shopping for hair from online shops. It is a kind of hair type which has full volumes. As a popular virgin hair type, Peruvian hair bundles are well known by consumers. Some of them always show their hair or do reviews on youtube. Ash is one of the YouTubers who have 142k subscribers on her channel. Here is her Peruvian deep wave hair review a week ago:

1. This is her second time to buy virgin hair extensions from Nadula.  

It's being the Nadula hair company. We're doing a Halloween giveaway in this video as well yay I love Halloween and I love the hair so yeah, I'm super excited for my ladies to watch this and wear extensions. I mean go ahead and get the hair review part done first. I don't know if you guys watch my first hair review video, but this is my second I've had it about a month.

2. She was wearing Peruvian deep wave hair.

Now the only thing is, this texture that I have is like curly, it's called Peruvian deep wave. I have two 26 inches and one 24 inches right now. I don't have a closure. I have my leave out. But leave out blends in with the hair, but they do have closure and the full things what are they call these lace front closures. I just didn't order it. But you can get it. You know you could get a wig made with this hair or you know to make it into clip-in hair extensions.

deep curly hair

3. This Peruvian hair is so similar to her natural hair.

I just got this hair, Peruvian deep wave is so similar to my natural hair. It is crazy. I always would bitch my whole life, that you know my hair won't grow and it won't, you know it I've already tried to grow my real hair and then he got chopped off. we're not gonna talk about that so that's why I kind of wear a lot of sew-in weaves or hair extensions, because my real hair is about right here, and I would like it to be right here, or something like that. See and like I said 226 124 inch, so they're gonna pretty long but anyways bro this hair is so similar to my hair.

4. This deep wavy Peruvian hair is so naturally full.

Let's go ahead and go into the hair Company, so they respond pretty good to emails about one business day, which is faster than me. It's still full thank the Lord I know if I would have got straight hair like it would be so thin right now. I guess it's not called curly, it's called Peruvian deep wave. The good thing about it is, it's so naturally full. I only had two bundles in, this is three bundles but you know if you're going on a budget and you don't win the contest.

peruvian hair nadula

5. She has had it for the whole month and was really like her weaves.

I really liked my experience with this hair. I really liked in pictures and I felt like a Disney Princess. The whole month I've had it because if I was a princess, but make my hair long and it would be like this. But yeah, so let's go ahead and get into the contest details.

6. You can win free hair from Nadula.

I'm really happy to be a part of that and someone will be able to win free hair bundles, because that's something I'd be interested in. So anyway, obviously the first thing you need to do is to be a part of the giveaway to choose what hair you want. So I'll put the website to Nadula hair in my description, and just go on to see what you'd want like. The length, the type, like I said I have 26 and one 24 inch Peruvian deep wave in my hair right now

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Virgin hair bundles can be sewed in your hair firmly. But it is not very convenient. So, there are also human hair wigs which can save your time. You can put on the wigs directly after braiding your real hair. The wigs which made from 100 human hair are very light, smooth, and also have good air permeability.  

Nadula wavy human hair wigs are made from real hair. They are much more resilient than wigs made from synthetic fibers and can match your own hair texture very closely. With proper care, our long wavy and short hair wigs can last a year or more when worn daily. It will make you feel great and can look incredibly natural.

lace front closure

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