Many women are tired of the wavy or curly hair and want to try straight hair for some days.Some girls may turn to a stylist for help. But you can do just at home to save time and money.You can just finish it under 10 minutes.So why don’t try it at home?When straightening hair at home, you may have many questions to solve in the process. Here we gathered some feedbacks from people buy hair from nadula shop , and we can learn how to straighten hair well with their experience.


Q: Will straightening my hair calm down frizz?

A: Generally can, It depends more on your hair condition, if your hair is soft and thin, straightening your hair will calm down frizz.

Q: What I can use to make my hair silky and smooth?

A: You can apply a leave-in conditioner or some coconut oil to your hair after you have showered and washed your hair.

Q: How can I make my hair tangle free and straight?

A: Always use conditioner and try an anti-frizz spray. Also, put clear gel on a brush and brush your hair with it.


Q: How to naturally straighten my hair with simple tools?

A: Try using a shampoo that can weigh down your hair, or you can use banana or coconut milk masks.The mask will make your hair smooth and silky, and let your hair hang down.

Q: Can I use milk instead of coconut milk?

A: Although you can try to do this, but we wouldn't suggest it. Coconut milk has more fat, fiber, and nutrients like vitamin E that make it better for moisturizing hair. Milk can not achieve the same effect. If you want your hair more smooth, silky, and straight, use coconut milk is a better choice.

Q: Is using a straightener bad for your hair?

A: You can avoid injury to your hair by using straighteners in moderation.However, it is better using styling tools like straight irons less.If you straighten your hair too often, your hair will tend to become weak, frizzy, and damaged. It can even lead to hair loss and hair thinning.

Q: I have really curly hair. Does this work on all my hair type?

A: This will work on any hair type, but you may not be able to get your hair completely straight if it's very curly. You can always try and see how you like the results.