Can you make baby hair by yourself? In fact, many wigs now come with baby hair. In order to give you a natural hairline, there are curly edges. However, you didn't know you could make baby hair on the back of your wig. In this passage, I will tell you how to make realistic curly edges front and back on your wig.

curly edges front and back on your wig

How to install curly edges front/back wig?

Today's video is going to be a tutorial on this curly wig. The wig is a 24 inches kinky curly lace front wig with a kinky curly hairline. The cap construction features three combs, an adjustable strap, and a removable elastic band. The knots do not come bleached, but the hairline does come pre-plucked, the curl along the hairline is a perfect match for the rest of the hair. I think this install is going to be flawless, and the hair does come pre-plucked for us.

1. Bleach the knots

I want this wig to look as natural as possible, so I am going to go ahead and bleach the knots. I did end up using Kaleidocolors, purple powder bleach, and then, I also use a 20-volume developer, so now that the knots are bleached.

2. Tint the lace

There are two different colors of lace tint, the first color is the color of my foundation, and I'll be spraying that along the hairline portion of this lace frontal. The second color is the color of my scalp, and I'll be spraying that on the inner portion of the lace frontal. I'm doing two different layers of each color of lace tint, and then blow drying in between each layer.

3. Add some baby hairs to the back

Add some baby hairs to the back

I did deep condition it after bleaching the knots. In this part, I will add some baby hairs to the back, because I do want to wear this up in a ponytail.

• Cut random pieces of hair in the back

I'm just going to cut random pieces of hair in the back, it doesn't have to be perfect, and cut them in different lengths;

• Add some gel to each section of hair

Add some gel to each section of hair that I want to curl. Next, I will use blue perm rods for my baby hair. I find that this will look a lot more natural than just leaving it without these blue perm rods because I feel like it'll match the front of the hairline a lot better, it will give it that true kinky curly natural realistic look that we're going for;

jerry curly wig

• Put the curls to actually form and set them in the blue perm rod

When I am doing my method of curly baby hairs in the back. I do spiral curl some, I do curl some under, and I do flip some upwards, so the curls of the baby hairs are never all going in the same direction, and I feel like that makes it look 15 million times more natural when I do that, so because I am installing this way today, I want those curls to actually form and set in the blue perm rod, so I'm just going to grab my blow dryer just to make sure that that heat does help the hair set, so by the time that I'm finished styling the rest of the hair, those curls are set and ready to be taken out of the roller.

curly edges

4. Style the rest of the hair

I'm grabbing a spray bottle of water, my Denman brush, a detangling comb, and a curling gel of choice. I'm just going to grab a section of hair and fully saturate it with water. And then, grab my detangling comb and just go through the section to get rid of any tangles, apply some gel, and then use the Denman brush from the bottoms on upwards to get these curls and waves to pop.
Some parts of the hair have beautiful and perfect ringlet curls, and then the other parts of the hair have this ideal "S" shape or the "C" shape curl pattern, and it just makes it look even more natural.

curly baby hair

5. Cut away the extra lace

Now, it is time to cut away that extra lace, I'm going to grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut along the ear tab portion of the lace front, and then I am going to cut a line down the center of it, and that is going to divide it into two smaller sections. I'm grabbing a pair of pinking shears and I'm going to carefully cut along the hairline right in front of the hairline, but don't cut into the hairline, but cut right in front of it me cutting it into two sections just makes it easier and less intimidating to cut away the extra lace.

6. Install the wig

To install the wig, prepare my skin by using alcohol along my forehead. I'll be grabbing a scalp protector and applying that to my scalp. Grab the wig and place it on my head and because these are kinky curly edges, I am going to do my sponge and adhesive install method.
I'm going to spray adhesive onto my makeup sponge, and then carefully dab that adhesive along the edge of the lace, put my headscarf on for about 15 minutes to allow it to set, and here is how it is looking. I am using this curl scrunch on the baby hairs just to make sure that you know its maximum curl pattern does start to pop and show and I. I typically grab my baby hair brush comb and use the comb portion of it, and I flip those hairs upwards. I feel like that looks a lot more natural. Here is how it is looking and it looks so pretty, and then I am going to wear it in a ponytail, so you can see how the back area is looking as well.


So as we know this is a lace front wig, when you do my method of curly baby hairs in the back, it's you don't even need a 360 or a full lace wig. I don't want it to be like a harsh line of demarcation where the baby hairs are and the rest of the hair, so I'm just taking some of those baby hairs, when you have a kinky curly edge wig you do not necessarily have to wear the baby hairs like me, you can wear them all out of your face if you prefer that and here are the final looks.