Red, with its stunning hues and rich coppery variants, is the most eye-catching hair color of 2022. Almost every supermodel and social media beauty has tried this red hair color, from Kendall Jenner to Jones Smalls and Kaia Gerber. It's the standout shade and will be trending in 2023 too.

Whether it’s as fiery as chili pepper or as cool as a glass of burgundy wine, red hair color always makes a statement. It’s exotic, vivid, bold, and bright. It fascinates us. However, we cannot deny that red hair is one of the most challenging colors. If you have a bright personality and are confident and enthusiastic, red hair is the best expression of these characteristics. If you have a reserved personality but want to push the boundaries, light red is the perfect match for your personality.


1. Rich and Attractive Hues of Red

There are many different shades of red, and depending on the color mixing ratio, red has different appearances and names. Copper, crimson, ginger, magenta, scarlet, fuchsia, strawberry, orange-red, salmon, auburn, rosy brown, gold, mahogany, vermilion, cherry, carmine rose, burgundy, reddish-orange, aubergine, purplish red, ruby and so on, these are all hues of red.Red hair can be described in more ways than any other color, and we haven't even used adjectives like flaming, striking, and stunning. Such rich and saturated hues of red make people fall in love just by looking at them.

2. Is Red Hair for Everyone?

It doesn't matter whether you have fair or dark skin, there's always a shade of red here that will suit you and earn you tons of compliments. Red hair is not just a hair color, it is a gorgeous lifestyle and a passionate attitude toward life. Whether you're a natural redhead, have dyed your hair a rich shade of red, or wear red human hair wigs, red will give you a radiant glow that complements your skin tone and look.

There is something magical about red that can be incredibly flattering, plus, a big reason why so many people choose red is because of its versatility, a feature that gives many people multiple options. Red hair can drastically change a person's appearance, and the effects vary. Some will gently enhance your client's natural beauty, some will flatter their eye color or skin tone, and some will warm their complexion. Are you ready for change now?

3. How to Pick Your Perfect Red Hue?

When you're choosing the exact hue of red to go with it, like any color, it's important to consider everything from skin tone to eye color. Skin tone is often the deciding factor when choosing the perfect red, followed closely by lifestyle and personality.

Unlike makeup, hair color works better when it contrasts with your base color. The general rule is that those of us with cool undertones go well with warm colors, while those with warm undertones look great with cool taupes. Too dark on fair skin tones may age. Tones range from light, medium, dark, warm, and cool. Your skin tone, eye color, and original base color will determine your ideal palette.

4. Five Gorgeous Red Human Hair Wigs

Burgundy Lace Wig for Women Pre-plucked Natural Hair Line

burgundy lace wig

Burgundy Curly Lace Front Human Hair Wigs has charming color, this red hue looks like the wine red, it has pre-plucked with baby hair, and the hairline is very natural, 16-14 inches wig you can choose. Burgundy is a popular color in recent years. This color can not only show the femininity of women but also make you look particularly lively. Wine red can also give people a kind of capable and mature beauty, and can brighten the luster of the skin. People with yellow skin or darker skin are also suitable for wine red, and the complexion will look matte and fair, very complex! Regardless of the style of clothing, wine-red hair, not only sets off the complexion but also is full of strong recognition and personality beauty.

Copper Brown Body Wave Lace Frontal Wig

copper brown wig

Copper brown body wave lace frontal wig is Autumn Winter must-have, this color will give people a very warm feeling in the sun. Warm and rich Copper Brown Color Wig, already recommended by many fashion icons. This hair color is suitable for all seasons, if you don't know what color to choose, you can consider copper brown.

Orange Ginger Lace Part Wig Human Hair

orange ginger lace part  wig human hair

This ginger orange wig can instantly give you energy and enthusiasm, say goodbye to dullness easily. While highlighting the elegant temperament, it also reveals some gentle girlishness. It is a very high-end color, and it can be full of fashion sense with casual clothes.

Reddish Brown 5x5 HD Lace Closure Wig

reddish brown body wave wig

The combination of brown and red reduces the original brilliance of red and enhances the original dullness of brown. Generally speaking, it is low-key and fashionable, making people look very energetic. Brown red is youthful, fashionable, and stylish, very popular among girls.

Brown Balayage Lace Front Wigs with Modern Auburn Color Highlights

balayage auburn colored wiigs

This kind of warm-colored auburn hairstyle combined with rich long curly hair not only shows the delicate and compact feeling of girls' faces but also shows a full trendy street style. More importantly, this hairstyle perfectly integrates balayage, an artistic hair dyeing technique, and realizes the ingenious combination of light and shadow, light and dark. While making the hair have the rhythm of light and shadow, it can also create a natural, freehand, gradient, and dynamic rich layering, as well as a richer sense of detail.