When it comes to curly hair, finding the right haircut can make all the difference in how your curls look and behave. For curly hair, two haircutting techniques is popular: the Diametrix Cut and the Rezo Cut. While both aim to enhance natural curls, they have distinct differences in terms of technique, outcome, and suitability for different curl types. Let's explore the Diametrix Cut and Rezo Cut in detail to understand their unique characteristics and benefits so that you can choose the better way for your curly hair.

1.About Diametrix Cut and Rezo Cut

The Diametrix Cut is a precision cutting technique specifically designed for curly and wavy hair textures. Developed by curl expert Christo, this technique focuses on creating a customized haircut that enhances the natural shape and movement of each individual's curls.

Diametrix Cut

The Rezo Cut, also known as the "Rëzo Cut," is a cutting technique developed by Dominican hairstylist Nubia Suarez. This technique gained popularity for its ability to enhance curl definition and create a more voluminous look for curly hair.

Rezo Cut

2.Different haircut Technique for Diametrix Cut and Rezo Cut

The Diametrix Cut involves cutting the hair in a way that takes into account the natural curl pattern, density, and growth pattern of the hair. The process begins with a thorough consultation to assess the client's hair type, curl pattern, and desired style. Based on this assessment, the stylist uses precise cutting techniques to shape the curls and create volume and definition.

Diametrix Cut

The Rezo Cut involves cutting the hair in a way that adds layers and volume while preserving the natural curl pattern. The technique incorporates a specific cutting method that focuses on creating layers that blend seamlessly with the curls, resulting in a fuller and more textured appearance.

 a Rezo Cut

3.Diametrix Cut vs. Rezo Cut: the Benefits for Curls

For diametrix cut, it can bring the following main benefits for your curls:

Enhanced Curl Definition: The Diametrix Cut is designed to enhance the natural curl pattern, resulting in more defined and uniform curls.

Customized to Hair Type: The technique is tailored to the client's specific hair type, ensuring a personalized haircut that works best for their curls.

Diametrix cut style

Versatility: While the focus is on enhancing curls, the Diametrix Cut can also be adapted for different styles and lengths, making it versatile for various preferences.

Reduced Frizz: By shaping the curls with precision, the Diametrix Cut helps minimize frizz and promotes smoother, more manageable hair.

For rezo cut, it can bring the following several benefits for your curly hair:

Volume and Texture: The Rezo Cut is known for adding volume and texture to curly hair, making it ideal for those looking to enhance their hair's fullness and bounce.

Defined Layers: The cutting technique creates defined layers that help accentuate the curls and prevent them from looking weighed down.

Rezo cut style

Versatile Styling: The layered structure of the Rezo Cut allows for versatile styling options, including enhancing natural curls or creating a more dramatic look with added volume.

Reduced Bulk: By strategically layering the hair, the Rezo Cut helps reduce bulkiness, giving the hair a lighter and more manageable feel.

4.Key Differences for Diametrix Cut and Rezo Cut

While both the Diametrix Cut and Rezo Cut focus on enhancing curls and creating volume, they have some key differences:

Cutting Technique: The Diametrix Cut emphasizes precision cutting tailored to the client's curl pattern and density, while the Rezo Cut focuses on creating layers and volume through a specific layering technique.

Outcome: The Diametrix Cut aims to enhance curl definition and reduce frizz, resulting in a more controlled and uniform curl pattern. In contrast, the Rezo Cut emphasizes volume and texture, creating a fuller and more voluminous look.

Suitability: The Diametrix Cut is suitable for various curl types and lengths, with a focus on enhancing natural curls. The Rezo Cut is particularly beneficial for those looking to add volume and bounce to their curls, especially for thicker or denser hair textures.


Both the Diametrix Cut and Rezo Cut offer unique benefits for curly hair, from enhancing curl definition to adding volume and texture. The choice between the two techniques ultimately depends on your hair type, desired style, and preferences for curl enhancement and volume. Consulting with a professional stylist experienced in these techniques can help you determine the best approach to achieve your desired curly hairstyle.