Long hair and short hair can give people completely different looks. Short hair is easier to manage than long hair, and it saves time and energy. Many fashion stars and internet celebrities also like short hair. Short hair comes in so many styles and always feels bold and chic, short hairstyles can be just as beautiful, elegant, and stunning. Especially black women are more able to show the beauty of hairstyles for short hair. Whether it is a pixie cut or a short blunt cut, we can choose from it. Below we've rounded up some images of short hairstyles, keep scrolling to inspire you and add some new chic to your hairstyle.

1. Popular Pixie Cut

Popular Pixie Cut

Convenient and beautiful, pixie hairstyles not only look stylish but are also extremely easy to manage. It can create a stylish hairstyle in the shortest time, and the pixie hairstyle is suitable for any type of hair. Pixie hairstyles for thick hair are full of texture and manageable volume. The modern pixie cut style is very lively and lively, which can make the whole look full of vitality. There can be various styles such as sleek or messy pixie hairstyles, or try short pixie hairstyles for curly hair. You can pick a style to create a new fashion look.

2. Faux Hawks

Faux Hawks

Faux hawks hairstyle looks very edgy and cool. This hairstyle also has a strong rock and rebellious style, and you often see this style on many rock stars or youths with distinctive personalities. Add a little spice to your look with this look. Plus, the faux hawks' hairstyle is super easy to maintain and works on any length of hair.

3. Short Hair Kinky Twists

 Short Hair Kinky Twists

This is a really cute style that combines edgy and twisted braids into a zigzag hairstyle, with natural curls making it easy to create this full and voluminous hairstyle. In addition, the advantage of this hairstyle is that the maintenance cost is very low, and you only need to twist the hair to go out easily. The durability of this hairstyle is great, the twists will last at least 4 weeks, and the look is so natural that you'll get lots of compliments.

4. Blunt Short Bob

Blunt Short Bob

Short straight bobs with clean and crisp hair are perfect for everyday work, dates, and parties. Delicate straight bobs are easy to style and maintain, and healthy, smooth hair textures can easily create a flattering look. For girls who like smooth hair, this straight bob is the best choice.

5. Curly Undercut

Curly Undercut

This look makes for a very sharp look, with the curls at the top contrasting with the shaved sides on the sides. This is definitely a favorite for short haircuts for black women.

6. Ultra Short Hair

 Ultra Short

This is an extremely short hairstyle that can give you a cool and ultra-chic look for women of all ages. This shaved look requires boldness and courage and is a must-try for anyone looking to experiment with ultra-short hairstyles. If you want something fresh, go for a gorgeous layered bob that can create glamor and refresh your look. Also, if you are brave enough, you can dye your hair to complement your charming eyes and facial contours.

7. Curly Short Bob Wig

Curly Short Bob Wig

You can style your curly hair into a cute bob, which looks very sweet and has a very stylish and chic look. A curly short bob can give your hair a really voluminous look and give your style more volume. This hairstyle is also super easy to manage.

8. Short Finger Waves

 Short Finger Waves

S-shaped finger waves can well highlight the charm and temperament of women, and many celebrities are showing off this shape. You can often see this hairstyle at various red carpet-events and proms. This is a very feminine hairstyle that looks retro and is a very classic hairstyle that easily creates a charming atmosphere.


Short hair can also create stunning hairstyles. The eight popular short hairstyles shared in this blog will never go out of style. If you want to change from a long hair style to a chic short hairstyle, you can try the above eight Trendy hairstyles for short hair. You can choose to go to the barbershop to get your hair trimmed short, or you can buy short hairstyle wigs to satisfy your need to try out a new hairstyle.