The highlight has always been favored by people for its high-contrast allure. All kinds of fashion ideas are always emerging, and a new highlight hairstyle appears. "Skunk hair" is the latest color trend, and it can be regarded as a bold expression. This two-tone statement ditches all the hair color rules we've followed in the last decade that prioritized a soft and natural blend. 'Skunk hair' is a vibrant mix of light and dark colors that collide. This blog will guide you to know more about skunk stripe hair.  

What Is Skunk Stripe Hair?

In guitar terms, a skunk stripe refers to the thin brown strip running down the neck of the instrument. And when it comes to hair, it's pretty much the same thing—a bleach blonde, light brown, or brightly colored highlight patch that contrasts the rest of your hair. 

Then, when was skunk hair popular? Enter 'skunk hair', the grungy '90s trend that saw celebs and beauty influencers bleaching bold streaks of hair at the front of the hairline to frame the face. This trend represents a break from the norm. Moreover, people are doing more innovations about this now. They use richer colors to make darker high-contrast shades and adjust the parts of the highlights for a more distinctive look.


How To Do Skunk Stripe Hair?

In this section, we'll walk you through how to get skunk stripe hair so that you can get it by yourself at home. It's definitely affordable and more rewarding than going to a hair salon. Without further ado, let's go!

1. The tools you will need

A wig: Choose a natural-colored wig. Because natural hair is easier to color.

A mannequin head: It is more convenient for you to put it on the mannequin head than wearing a wig for the coloring process.

Hair dye: This is the most important thing. You don't need to use powder bleach and developer, which makes the whole process much easier.

Gloves: To be on the safe side, prepare a pair of plastic gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals of hair dye.

Tinfoil: used to wrap dyed hair.

Comb: This is super important, given that you’ll need to neatly section off the piece of hair you wish to dye for your skunk stripe.

Dye Bowl: Put the hair dye into the bowl so that you can use them more conveniently

Long-tail color brush: You can apply dye straight from the applicator to your hair, but a tint brush will help you coat your strands more evenly.


2. The detailed steps to make natural skunk stripe hair

Step 1: Comb the wig

Before you start dyeing your hair, you'll need to use a comb to remove all the tangles from the wig and make sure they're smooth. You need to be gentle enough as a strong pull will damage your wig cap and cause hair shedding.

Step 2: Section off

Then you need to section the wig. The magic of the skunk stripe is in the positioning, so make sure you section off the part you wish to dye, neat parting. You can do a single stripe, bangs, or even the nape of your neck.

Step 3: Mix dye

Put on your gloves and follow the directions on the box dye of your choice.  

Step 4: Apply

Take the dye with the dyeing brush and brush it all over the hair, you can use the comb to comb it again to distribute the dye more evenly. Then take a piece of tin foil and wrap the hair that has been dyed. Now you just need to repeat the process until all the sectioned hair is dyed. After that, leave it for about 30 minutes.

Step 5: Remove tin foils

Remove all the tin foils and wash the dyed hair. You only need to wash the dyed part to rinse out the hair dye.

Step 6: Dry and comb the hair

You can choose to dye it in the air or use a blow dryer. After they are dry completely, comb the hair to remove the tangles.

Step 7: Style

Congratulations, your skunk stripe is complete! After you’ve thoroughly conditioned and moisturized your hair, you can now style. Try a slick and sleek ponytail or voluminous ‘fro to really show off your stripe.


High-quality Skunk Stripe Wig Recommend To You

If you think it is a difficult and complex process to make the skunk stripe hair dye, you can choose a skunk stripe wig, which is the easiest way to get a skunk stripe hair.

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There's no right or wrong way to wear skunk hair color. The main takeaway is its bold contrast, worn playfully. Anyone can do their own version of this look. Skunk dyed hair is definitely a cool girl look thats here to stay through 2022. Just try it!