Natural Wave hair wig or hair weave is very naturally curly. Peruvian natural wave hair is also very well known in the human hair products market. All of Nadula 100% virgin Hair is the highest quality on the market. Each selection has been collected from one donor. There are so many different waves of Peruvian hair weave for Nadula Hair mall.

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All cuticles are intact and you will notice each selection of our virgin hair has a natural taper at the end. All our virgin hair extensions have undergone a stringent quality assurance process to ensure it is free of imperfections and will last well up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

One of the superstars Queen Najia is our loyal fan. She always shops from Nadula Hair Mall and shares the hair reviews on her YouTube channel and other social accounts like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. She always wears Brazilian hair. But this time she wants to try some other difference. So Peruvian human hair arrives. Now she will share the unboxing review of Peruvian hair from Nadula:

peruvian hair reviews

1. Queen Najia Has Bought Virgin Human Hair From Nadula For A Long Time

Thank You. Mafia should grow, Queen being a cup once again back with another video. So I mean just to focus, I mean is it focused okay, this okay. I just want to show you guys, I know y'all playing shadow we don't care but, I'm going to do a little unboxing review for the Nadula here.

2. Queen Najia always buys Brazilian virgin hair from Nadula

Because I always get Brazilian hair and this is my first time getting Peruvian hair. So, of course, Is the Box Canyon everybody knows that I beat on doing videos tonight over here? But I must open it up. See how I like you because, honestly, I plan on getting I want to start doing new hairstyles.

3. Queen Najia Wants To Get A Bob

I know y'all see that I just had the braids done, but now, I want to get a bob. But I really don't want to sew in and I asked people on my Instagram. I would stop, so I get these bad biker braids to get a bob you know. So I'm going to add somebody to make me blunt cut Bob later on and that part will be in the next video, and I'll show you out of here.

4. Peruvian Natural Wave Hair Is Silkier Than Brazilian Hair

But I'm just opening up this hair right now to see how I like it, to see if it's any different from the Brazilian hair, so this is Peruvian. Like I said this must be a neat way for something I don't know. This is good too. This is a 24 22 inch. I'm guessing she gave me closure too. But I thought I needed no closure because I was getting a wig made. But it looks silky. It looks a little bit silkier than the Brazilian. But I still love the Brazilian because it's all-natural.

5. The Peruvian Hair Can Be Treated And Styled As Your Own Natural Hair

Oh now, this is the closure. Let me see how the closure is looking. Oh, yeah, by the way, guys, you can flat on this hair, you can wet the hair, you can wash it, you can blow-dry it, you can braid it, you can do whatever you want and they just would be nice on the lace frontal hair. This is the closure right here. Hold on, if you guys feel like to look it this way. I'm running my fingers through it in the optional because that's just a closure, so it's gonna be a little bit thinner. How does it look on me? That would be pretty. Oh, make sure. I don't know that's pretty. It will blend right with my hair.

You can check the full video here:


With Queen's review, you must want to try to show your new look with Peruvian hair. Yes, so we will show you more about it:

What Is Peruvian Hair?

Peruvian hair is dense and coarse, meaning it blends more easily with your hair. This is one of its biggest pluses. It's also coarser than Brazilian and Indian hair. Again due to its coarseness, Peruvian hair works very well with thicker hair. Hair is shiny and can be styled in many different ways. It's easy to color and holds curls extremely well. This is very important for those who prefer a curly look.

Virgin Peruvian hair is durable and combines the strength and body of Brazilian hair and the smoothness of European hair. Peruvian hair Provides incredible volume, yet is still lightweight and soft enough to retain its beautiful, silky texture. Peruvian hair is easy maintenance. Can still look presentable even during those busy times when we tend to not care for our hair the way we should. As long as you follow the care instructions, virgin Peruvian hair does not stress you by shedding and tangling.

Peruvian textured hair is very lightweight, free-flowing, and luxurious. This hair blends perfectly with African American, relaxed, and natural as well as medium, coarse caucasian hair textures.

natural wavy hair peruvian

The Details Of Nadula Peruvian hair Natural Wave

Characteristics Of Peruvian Natural Wave Hair:

Unprocessed Virgin Peruvian Natural Wave Hair, Natural Hair Weave Bundles, Raw Virgin Peruvian Human Hair, Natural Root To Tip Hair, Can Be Dyed And Bleached, Can Be Restyled, No Tangle, No Shedding.

Length Of Peruvian Natural Wave Hair:

8-26 inch(For styles 18 inches or shorter, we recommend three bundles. However for styles longer than 18'' inches, we recommend using 4-5 bundles to achieve a full look.)

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Description Of Peruvian Natural Wave Hair:

Our Peruvian Natural Wave hair extensions are made of luxurious 100% virgin Peruvian remy hair, giving you that fresh look and versatility that you love at a value that can't be beaten. It is very soft, lustrous, and carries lots of volume, so the natural wave Peruvian hair pattern can be changed easily if you want to get a new hairstyle. Our Natural Wave hair is perfect for a naturally textured, effortless look that exudes fullness, luster, and undeniable bounce.

Whether for work or play, our beautiful Peruvian virgin hair extensions are the perfect choice for everyday wear. Our Peruvian Natural Wave virgin hair extensions can be colored, straightened, curled, and still worn in their original wave pattern. These hair bundles are never chemically altered, however, the wave pattern is machine-crafted to uniquely define each wave. The hair weave is a low-maintenance texture that offers instant care-free beach waves.

If you're looking for a happy medium between thick and thin, the natural wave can meet the needs of! More importantly, all of our virgin hair weaves come from only healthy donors. And the natural wave hair bundles can be easily sewn into your own hair. Get your Luxurious Bundles from Nadula hair Mall today at an affordable and amazing price!

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