Golden autumn is coming. Warm-toned color is going to have appeared on the scene. Don't you want to change the color of your hair to get a scene? We can see that red and autumn orange hair colors were exploded over the summer. But with another lockdown potentially in our future, low-maintenance shades and soft autumn hair color are starting to take center stage again.

The autumn color hair also can be called fall color hair. When you try to search for something about autumn hair color 2015 or autumn hair color trends 2016, you will found it has been popular for many years. And now, it will make a comeback this year. Let’s take inspiration from the changing colors of tree leaves and the delicious comfort food and try something new with your hair hue. 

1. Ginger Spice

This bright ginger spice color with body wave style is the perfect place to start for anyone apprehensive about going orange. It’s close enough to the almost universally flattering copper color, but still bright enough to be undoubtedly orange. An orange wig will help you get this hairstyle in several minutes. You can check the details of this ginger color wig by clicking the picture below.

ginger spice

2. Vibrant Orange

These bright, vibrant orange finger wave curls could make anyone want to add some sunshine to their life (and hair). The finger waves gained momentum in the 1920s soon after the debut of the controversial bob. Women used water and their fingers (the top styling tools at the time) to create a delicate wave to add texture, softness, and femininity to the more masculine cut.

If you do not have special tools, a finger wave is difficult to get. So a finger wave orange wig will be a good choice for this Autumn. Click the picture below to take a look at this fashion orange finger wave real human hair wig now.

vibrant orange finger wave

3. Carrot Gold

Carrot top is a name most redheads are used to being called but it’s not always the most flattering label. When you add a little gold, the nickname goes from childish to glamorous. Ask your stylist to combine blazing carrot hues with radiant gold.

Carrot Gold

4. chocolate brown with Blonde Highlight

  The goal of this look is to make everything mold together seamlessly for a rich finished color. The pure chocolate brown is matched with a neutral beige blonde for a unified palette. This autumn hair color highlights is perfectly integrated with the main color of the golden autumn. Why not try this body wave wig with autumn swirls hair color to enrich your back-to-school life in 2021?

chocolate brown with Blonde Highlight

5. autumn red hair color

Red copper is similar to orange color, it looks like autumn maple leaves. It is equal parts sexy and playful, I think this color is most popular among people who want and are ready for a bold change. For African American girls, copper can be a good choice for autumn skin tone hair color.

autumn red hair color

6. deep autumn hair color

Deep autumn hair is typically medium to dark golden brown, dark auburn, dark brown, or black-brown but with warm undertones. Regardless of the color, Dark Autumn hair has a rich, warm and deep glow to it and may develop golden or red highlights when in the sun. An autumn hair color weave from Nadula will provide you a fashion deep autumn hair color in the late autumn.

deep autumn hair color

7. Lovely light orange with dark roots

 A subtle, darker, grown-out root that blends into more orangey tones at the ends creates a beautiful effect. Style your hair into a perfectly straight bob to showcase the hues and color blends in your hair.

 light orange with dark roots

8. Soft Auburn

People will have gravitated to softer gingers in the fall. For those that wanted a more muted red, We also suggest going for more of a neutral-based crimson, like brick red, for a cooler all-over effect. Soft Auburn hair can be bought at at the best price, so if you do not want to treat your natural hair, a soft auburn weave bundle or a wig will be suitable.

soft auburn

9. Light Blonde

Maybe you want to prolong your summer, add a dose of sunny warmth. So, Here is a light blonde hai for you. Blonde can be warmed up a bit or finished with a soft root shadow to achieve a tea-light-candle blonde shade. It gives a rested, vacation-like glow and avoids the pale and sallow cooler-month complexion.

light blonde

10. Burgundy color melt

 This black-to-burgundy color melt looks especially stunning in a short crop. Here, the curls and asymmetric cut make it especially alluring for heart-shaped faces. When the sun shines, it will show a colorful light which will be very dazzling in the fall.

burgundy melt


Fall color hair is beautiful and romantic color that is suitable in the late autumn, that is the reason why it was searched so many times in recent days on google. Just share this blog on your social account with your friends if you want to change your hairstyles in back-to-school life in 2021, it will give you the inspiration for the most popular fall hairstyle.