Almost every girl love Valentine's Day.With just a few days left, the countdown for Feb-14 just begins. It is the day where people express their love to the dear ones.On this day, some may be planning to add a new style to their look by trying out a new hairstyle. The Hairstyle is the first step to brighten up the style of women.

All of the human hair extensions can be styled with any styles. For women who are unsure about authentic remy human hair weaves, here are some tips to help them pick the right hairstyles for this Valentine's Day. There are several kinds of popular hair textures to choose, like Brazilian hair extension, Indian hair extension, Peruvian hair extension and etc. Here we only introduce two of them:

Brazilian Hair Extension: Brazilian hair is extremely shiny, strong and remains the same even after many washes. The product comes in wavy and curly texture. Also, they have a natural and soft touch.

Indian Hair Extension: Indian hair extension is the most popular choice as it is the best answer for those looking for natural hair. Like European hair, Indian hair extensions are remy and 100% natural. Further, it is also silky soft, shiny, bouncy and last for a longer time when cared properly.

1. Silky Straight Hair

Think Naomi Campbell. There is nothing more sophisticated than this simple put together look paired with a super sexy outfit that will surely knock socks off your date's feet. This rocks too with an edgy bob.

2. Soft Loose Curls

Because you just want to set the mood for romance, perfect the day with loose curls just cascading down your shoulders. This will surely make you feel like a princess.

3. The Low Bun

Pull your hair back into a low bun. Not too tight and not so sleek either. A somewhat structured messy low updo should do it. This will show off and elongate your neck as well as your décolletage.

4. Braids

This can be any kind of braids but we love a simple side braid or fishtail that just adds instant drama. The best thing about this look is it takes less than five minutes to do. Just gather all your hair over one shoulder, separate your hair into three sections then start braiding.

5. Beachy Waves

We are still into the messy wavy look which to an extent is a relief because it doesn't take much to do. Blow-dry your hair then section it into sections. They don't have to be symmetrical. Wrap each section around a curling iron and tousle your hair with your fingers.

6. Just Accessorize

If you love your remy hair just the way it is and don't really have the time to do anything special with your hair, you absolutely do not have to. You can wear the way you would but to add a little something on this special day, wear a clip or a headband or a wrap.

7. Hair Extensions

If you want instantly long hair and simply do not have the time to wait for your hair to grow out, the answer is extensions. These can be bought just about anywhere in all styles, lengths and color. For a temporary fix, you can choose clip in extensions which is easy to use. As the name implies, all you need to do is clip it to where you want it and unclip when you want to take it off. Super simple.

8. Get A New Look

If you want to try a really new hairstyle all together go for it. Now is the perfect time as we are soon entering the Spring of 2015 so check out the season's trends and stay ahead of the curve.

9. A Sleek Ponytail

Part your hair on one side and pull into a sleek ponytail. Not only is this very chic but it also makes a very strong statement of the kind of woman you are.

10. The Pixie

Wear your short hair in a stylish pixie cut just like Halle Berry and Jada Pinkett Smith. These women need not do a lot to get noticed. The hair says it all for them.

All of the hairstyles are suitable for Valentine's Day.But the prerequisite is that you must use the best human hair weaves or wigs.Or The cheap human hair will not show the good effect and look, it will give you bad feelings.At last, hope you have a good luck on the romantic Valentine's Day.