You will find that Indian Remy hair is very common in the human hair weave market. It is a kind of popular human hair texture made of Indian hair. This post will tell you what is Indian Remy hair is and some different types of them.

What Is Remy Hair?

The term "Remy" refers to human hair that has been collected from a human hair donor and has undergone minimal processing to ensure that the hair is soft, silky, and tangle free. What makes Remy hair unique from hair extensions simply classed as "human hair", is that to ensure that the hair remains tangled free all of the cuticles have been aligned, ensuring that they are all facing in the same direction, as they would if they had grown naturally from your scalp.

What Is Indian Remy Hair?

You must be wondering where does the Indian hair come from. Yes, just as its name implies, the true Indian virgin Remy hair originates in India. Indian hair weave, also known as Indian Remy or Indian full cuticle hair is Indian hair that's harvested directly from the head of Indian women who donate their hair for religious reasons usually in a temple. The hair is first put in a ponytail, then cut so that strands of hair don't end up on the floor.

This methodical way of collecting the hair ensures that all of the cuticles remain properly aligned. It's this attention to alignment that produces the tangle-free quality that Indian hair is known for. More and more women are choosing virgin Indian hair for its rich color and naturally silky texture, there are many virgin hair bundle deals on the human hair weave market.

Features Of Indian Remy Hair

  1. Quality: When it comes to quality, Indian hair is as good as Brazilian hair.
  2. Dark Color: naturally dark, so blends well with many types of dark hair.
  3. Thickness: has fine to medium thickness, making it a very good match with most types of ethnic and Caucasian hair textures.
  4. Versatile: Indian hair is extremely versatile due to its thickness and texture.
  5. Hair Textures: In its natural state, has textures that vary from light wavy to deep curly.
  6. Manageability: Its ability to be flat ironed to a sleek and straight look, as well as its fullness and bounce, all combine to make Indian hair a favorite of hair extension wearers.
  7. Color: In spite of its naturally dark color, Indian hair can take on colored to blonde hair, and even lighter shades.

7 Types Of Virgin Indian Hair Weave: Which One Do You Like?

Indian Remy Body Wave Hair:

Indian Remy body wave hair is well known and accepted by consumers in the human hair market now. The ends of our hair weave are full length, weight, and healthy. It can be straightened or curled to deep wave if desired as your own hair. Also you can dye it to any color you like. But we remember to take care of it with the right method in order to avoid damage. Indian Remy body wave weave is highly recommended to you by our customers.

Indian Remy Curly Hair:

Curly Indian Remy human hair is lovely and bouncy due to its textures. This hair texture can be found ranging from silky to lightly coarse. The hair's density is very fine and silky, also can easily be curled and styled. It moves effortlessly with minimal products. It also blends well with most hair textures. Curly Indian Remy hair weave will swell and become frizzy in wet weather conditions. So anti-frizz products are highly recommended. Indian curly hair weave is very popular in the hair market and this curly pattern can be curled as desired to fit any look.

Straight Indian Remy Hair:

Indian straight hair is your perfect choice if you are looking for soft, straight Indian Remy hair. Our Indian Remy straight hair texture is easily straightened to a silky straight texture. It is silky straight from root to top. Very smooth and soft touch feeling. Indian straight weave can blend great with most hair textures, especially for African-American girls.

It can be dyed with any color you desired. This hair also can be curled to deep wave, body wave, or other patterns if you want, but you'd better go to the hair salon for help.

Deep Wave Indian Remy Hair:

Indian Deep wave hair, or called Indian deep body wave hair, is a kind of wavy hair that likes a water wave, a slightly tighter weave than our body wave. Indian Remy deep wave hair is perfect for a naturally textured, effortless look that exudes fullness, luster, and undeniable bounce. You don't need to worry about the tangled problem because it is Remy's hair and very smooth and glossy. It can also be straightened or curled to your liking.

Indian Remy Loose Wave Hair:

Loose wave Indian hair gives a beautiful natural wave pattern. It is voluminous and soft.  This hair is extremely versatile and easy to maintain. If you don't like deep curly hair, you can try to wear loose wave hair. Besides, Indian loose wave human hair will give you extra edge and volume to your hair. The hair also can be straightened or curled to any type as you like. It was never been treated with harmful chemicals when producing it.

Indian Natural Wave Remy Hair:

Remy Indian Natural wave is a kind of wavy looks more natural which looks like the loose wave. But more naturally than the loose wave. The Hair is full of luscious thick virgin hair from root to tip. It can be curled by using a curling wand or straight when it's smoothed out with a flat iron. When the Indian Natural Wavy hair is flat ironed bone straight it will revert back to its original texture after it has been washed and air dried.

Water Wave Indian Remy Hair:

Indian water wave hair extensions are extremely exotic. This hair carries a lot of volume and is very soft, which makes it blends perfectly with natural hair textures. It is very bouncy, lustrous, shiny, and thick. This Indian water wavy pattern can mostly be worn in its original pattern and will definitely attract much attention. The water wave Indian hair bundle can be easily straightened bone straight and curled to suit any hairstyle.