October is drawing to a close, and we are getting closer and closer to the cold weather. In this season, what new hairstyles are worth trying? Recently, one hairstyle has received many people's welcome, which is water wave hair. Here are the trends about water wave wig styles.

What is Water Wave Wig?

Before we know the relative hairstyles, we should first know what is a water wave wig. The name of water wave hair is derived from its characteristics. Water wave hair is generally made of natural-colored hair. The hair is curled into small tight curls, just like the ripples on the seas surface.

This kind of hair can blend with our hair very naturally, and it can make our hair look fuller. The beautiful curls also make us look very elegant and gorgeous.

Different Textures of Water Wave Wig

As we all know, wigs of the same hairstyle can be made of different materials, and different hair materials have different characteristics. After we have a basic understanding of water wave hair, let’s take a look at the textures of water wave wigs

1. Brazilian water wave wigs

This kind of water wave wig is made of Brazilian hair which has enough thickness and natural shine. Besides, it has high durability, which means the hair will not be broken easily and hold curls very well. The hair of Brazilian water wave wigs has extremely luxurious and is very soft to touch. The medium luster and natural density are also advantages that can not be ignored.

2. Peruvian water wave wigs

Peruvian hair is thicker than Brazilian hair. Generally, the water wave wigs made out of Peruvian hair can blend with African American girls. It is close to relaxed hair because of the coarse hair textures. This kind of hair is lightweight and luxurious.

3. Malaysian water wave wigs

The water wave wigs made of Malaysian hair are softer and thicker. They have a great natural shine and are extremely manageable. It can blend very well with silky hair.

4. Indian water wave wigs

Indian hair is thick, light, and bouncy. It has the thickest texture, making it more flexible and durable than other hair. Its beautiful texture and naturally dark color work well for the waves of water wave wigs.

Different Lengths of Water Wave Wig

Different people have different ideas about hair lengths. Some people prefer short hair. It is better managed and looks beautiful and cute; some people like long hair because it can be more varied and looks more elegant and gorgeous. Water wave wigs also have different lengths.

1. Short water wave wigs

The length of short water wave wigs is 10-14 inches. For a water wave wig, one 10-inch water wave wig is the shortest. The length of the hair is about the middle of the neck. The tail of a 12-inch water wave wig will be at the bottom of your neck. A 14-inch water wave wig can reach the position of your shoulder.

2. Medium water wave wigs

16-20 inches is the middle length for water wave wigs. A 16-inch water wave wig can reach the position under your shoulder. A 18-inch water wave wig and a 20-inch water wave wig are in the middle and below your scapula.

3. Long water wave wigs

Generally, the water wave wigs of 22-26 inches are long hair. The 22-inch water wave wig is roughly in the middle of your back. The length of a 24-inch water wave wig is above the waist, and a 26-inch water wave wig can reach your waist. If you want longer hair, such as a 30-inch water wave wig, you can try to communicate with the customer service. Maybe they can provide customized service.

How do You Style a Water Wave Wig?

With a water wave wig, we can make it into different styles. We will introduce some common water wave wig styles in the following.

1. Long water wave wig

This is the most common style. When you get your new water wave wig, the curls are very tight, you can use your fingers to comb them so that you can make the curls more natural and fuller. You just need to condition it in your daily life. This kind of style can make you look gentle and gorgeous.

2. Water wave bob wig

Water wave bob wig is generally more common for short and medium length.  You can make a middle part or a side part according to your preference. Because this kind of hair looks more fluffy and fuller, it can frame the face and neckline well. With a water wave bob wig, you will look cute and beautiful at the same time.

3. Wet water wave wig

If you like flatter and smoother hair, you can choose to style your water wave wig into a wet one. The steps are very easy. You can divide your wig into the left and the right two parts, and then spray some water on them. You need to comb them with your fingers first, then use your comb to make all the hair moisture. Next, spray some hair conditioner on the hair. Last, apply some fitting foam mousse to help it hold the styles.

4. Colored water wave wig

If you think the water wave wig of natural or brown color is not unique enough, you can try to color it. You can bleach and dye the whole wig or choose to make some highlights on them. You can choose any color that you like to show your personality.


A water wave wig is a good choice in cold weather. It is a very versatile hairstyle. Its natural-colored fluffy hair can match your coat and scarf harmoniously. There are many kinds of water wave hair products on the hair market, including water wave lace wigs, water wave wigs with headbands, water wave bundles. We hope you can get your favorable water wave hair products.