Every girl wants to have the most beautiful hairstyles on her wedding day, yes, it is the biggest day in the life. If the day is coming up, what hairstyles do you want and are there any tips and tricks for your human hair extensions? Yes, Congratulations! Chances are, you've got all your Pinterest boards set up with wedding hair, dresses, flowers, and decor inspiration. Now it's time to actually bring your perfect wedding vision to life.

The dress can definitely be hard but sometimes, deciding on a hairstyle can often be even harder. You may think that it is difficult to make beautiful hairstyles and there are no good ideas for you. But, your wedding day is not the day you want to have a bad hair day, so we must face it.

Here we will share our favorite tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free, great hair day at your wedding. If you're a bridesmaid, a wedding guest, or mother of the bride and groom, keep reading it.

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1. Picking The Right Wedding Hairstyle For Virgin Remy Hair

Do you want to have your virgin remy hair up in an updo? Wear it down in soft waves? Maybe a half-up braided hairstyle? Wedding hair options are endless! Before you decide, let's take a deep breath and consider a few key factors first:

What's Your Dress Like?

Your remy human hair bundles shouldn't be competing with your dress. It should complement it. If your dress is simple, it's safe to go with a more dramatic hairstyle. If your dress is an extravagant ball gown full of sparkly details, maybe consider doing a more subtle yet elegant updo. If your dress has a gorgeous open back design, then a side pony or braid would be ideal.

What's The Weather Like?

If the wedding takes place inside or during cooler climates, it's safe to go for those gorgeous cascading deep curly hair or any other hairstyle of your choice. But if you're getting married in a hot, humid climate, Definitely go for a more put-together hairstyle like an updo, where you won't need to worry about the frizz and the hair sticking to your back. You will thank yourself on your wedding day!

What's Your Virgin Remy Hair Length And Volume?

It's easy to fall in love with a Pinterest hairstyle, only to find out that your hair isn't nearly long or thick enough to pull it off. In this case, consider only looking for hairstyles that can be done on shorter hair. Otherwise, thankfully, you can wear remy hair extensions and closure hair to achieve that perfect hairstyle of your dreams.

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2. Do A Trial Run Ahead Of Time

We can not say how important it is to do a trial run with your hairstylist once you have decided on a hairstyle that you like! Only when recreating the style in real life do the little "oh no"s come out. Is your Indian remy hair or Malaysian remy hair long enough for it to be safely secured all day? Do you have enough hair to make the hairstyle look as voluminous and impressive as the photo you've seen? Does it even look good with your hair texture and face shape? It's always better to address these last-minute surprises ahead of time, instead of stressing out the week (or even worse - the day) before!

Tips: Bring A Visual To Your Hairstylist

Providing your hairstylist with photos of exactly what you're looking for will help avoid any misunderstanding. After all, everyone's idea of the perfect soft waves or updo is completely different. Time to whip out that Pinterest board you've spent countless hours creating )

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3. Should You Do Your Own Hair For Your Wedding?

This one is for sure up to you! If the only thing you know how to do is a ponytail, then perhaps it's a good idea to consider a professional hairstylist. But if you like playing with your remy human hair, with help of a few online tutorials and practice, you can create the most beautiful hairstyles all by yourself.

What's important to realize, is that it's totally not necessary to have something over the top for your wedding day. It's actually surprising how much hairstylists will charge to create the simplest hairstyle. Simple soft curls or half-updos are super easy and elegant. Most of the time, complicated-looking hairstyles are also surprisingly easy to recreate yourself.

If you do decide to create the hairstyle yourself, we recommend to practicing lots before your big day, so that you get accustomed to it. Be sure to wear the hairstyle somewhere for a full day where you will be moving around and dancing, to see if it will hold up (cue hairspray!).

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4. Do Not Get A Haircut Right Before Your Wedding

We cannot count the number of times we hear about something like this happening:

It's definitely not something you want to happen right before the big day (but if it already did...DON'T PANIC! Hair extensions to the rescue, like Brazilian body wave, Brazilian straight hair, or Malaysian curly hair etc.). Plan ahead and trim your ends a few months before the wedding day for healthy looking hair, and be sure to keep your locks nourished until then (here's a great DIY natural hair mask you can try).

One last and most important thing to remember is that your wedding your day. You decide what will make you feel happy and beautiful. If that means leaving your virgin remy hair weft as is or rocking the simplest hairdo, so be it. As long as you feel happy and beautiful on the inside, you will be the most lovely bride on this planet.

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