Protective hairstyles are in high demand for those with naturally kinky hair. Marley twist is one of the most popular protective hairstyles, and as black women, we are always looking for different ways to shape our hair in order to alter our look. Therefore, in this blog, I'm going to introduce you to one of the most protective hairstyles for black women, which is the Marley twists hairstyle. Keep reading, here's everything you need to know about Marley twist.

Marley twist

What are Marley twists?

Marley twist is a double twist made from Marley braided hair. These hair bundles have a textured look that provides a soft surface for your hair. Marley twists hairstyle is also a wonderful way to play with length. You can rock short Marley twist or long Marley twist to suit your fantasies. What are Marley twists?
Marley twists, which quickly became a trend among black women in 2013, are versatile and can be worn down or tied into a high ponytail or bun. Recently, many women have begun to decorate their Marley twists with clips. With proper care, Marley twists should last about eight weeks. What are Marley twists?
Marley twists hairstyle is often confused with the Havana twist. Some hairdressers use the terms interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between the two. While Havana twist uses a special type of hair that can only be found online, the hair needed for Marley twist can be found at any local beauty supply store, often at a discount.

How to install Marley twists?

You can do your Marley twists at home or in the hands of a professional hairstylist. Below I will tell you how to make Marley twists at home.

How to install Marley twists?

1. Split your hair

Starting with freshly washed hair, part your hair down the middle and pin up one side of your hair. Next, divide the other side into the lower and upper halves, and then clip one of the halves. If you want to make little Marley twists, make inch-wide sections. For large Marley twists, divide the hair into two-to-three-inch sections.

2. Apply hairspray

You need to apply an anti-frizz cream or spray to your hair to smooth out any frizzy strands. This will make the hair easier to manage during the following twist process.

3. Make Marley twists

Wrap a one-inch piece of Marley twist (two to three inches for larger ones) through your scalp and into your hair. Hold it tight with your hands. Divide your natural strands into two equally sized sections. You should now have two thick braids that match the part of your natural hair. To combine the extensions with your hair, twist the hair down on one side three to four times and repeat on the other side. Next, wrap the braids you created tightly together. Continue twisting your hair until you reach the ends.

4. Repeat the twisting process

Following the previous steps, part the hair and twist it until you are left with a full head of Marley braid. For best results, be sure to do it slowly.

5. Cut off messy ends

You're almost at the end. Once your Marley twists hair is finished, you'll want to carefully cut off any excess ends to make it look cleaner.

6. Lay out your edges

Get a clean toothbrush or edge brush to lay out your edges. Put a small amount of hair spray or moisturizer on your brush and curl your baby hair toward your hairline. You can go for a classic curved look, or get creative with the shape.

7. Secure your braids with a styling spray

Spray the top of your Marley twists a few times with immobilizing spray. This will help your hair bond with synthetic hair and prevent everything from falling apart.
Like many protective hairstyles, these Marley twists can last six to eight weeks with proper care. You also want to make sure to take them out at the right time to keep your natural strands in good condition. After all, these styles are designed to give you healthy hair. But I don't recommend more than ten weeks, otherwise, you may have extremely dry hair and possibly breakage.
To remove the Marley twists, use scissors to cut off the ends of the Marley twists, and if you want to remove the Marley twists more quickly, cut two inches off where your real hair starts, then use your fingers or a comb to remove each twist.


One of the many benefits of Marley twists over other braids is the issue of price. The average cost of Marley twists is $120, while other styles can cost upwards of $200. The hair required for this style is also one of the cheapest on the market.
Marley twist is also very versatile, allowing one to wear it in several different styles. You can easily rock these twists with a classic droop pose, a high ponytail, a bun, or a half-top, half-down style.