Said protective hairstyle, you may be familiar with them, there are many types of protective hairstyles, such as Fulani braids, space buns, butterfly locs and so on. In fact, the tree braid is a popular protective hairstyle, if you want to protect your natural hair, at the same time, you also want to show a fashionable hairstyle, so you wouldn't think there are better than tree braid style choices. Come and learn all about tree braids with me! Today mainly to introduce to you what kind of tree braid is most suitable for our dark skin girls. 

What are tree braids?

Tree braid is a seamless, glue-free, trackless, crochet-free, wireless technique, which is the best for promoting healthy hair growth. Tree braids are life-changing because it gives you freedom and this protective style allows you to look like you have a full head of hair and at the same time have the protection of a braid. Tree braid is a strand-by-strand braiding technique that combines braiding and extensions in one step. Tree braid is a seamless, glue-free, trackless, crochet-free, wireless technique
In this style, hair extensions are braided at the roots and the rest of the hair is left loose. Tree braids can be as long or as short as you like. So think of the hairstyle as a tree with roots, and then image the loose hair as branches.

What are the benefits of tree braids?

1. Protect your natural hair

Tree braids hairstyle is especially useful during the warmer months, as braiding often leaves your scalp hot and without room to breathe. Now, you can achieve a similar braiding illusion without trapping your scalp under layers of sewn hair. Tree braids will protect your natural hair and scalp in a reliable way.

Tree braids hairstyle is especially useful during the warmer months

2. Easy to obtain

I don't know if you have ever tried and braid hairstyle before, in a variety of braid fields, tree braids require the least amount of time to install. Tree braids are a great braid style option for those looking to cut down on time spent in a salon chair. Tree braids take 3 to 6 hours to install, which is less protective than some other braids.

3. Strong practicality

Tree braids are a long-lasting, protective hairstyle, which will last 4 to 6 weeks. This means you won't have to worry about your hair for 4-6 weeks. Not only that but during this time, your hair will be protected. So, with less manipulation, it will have room to get healthy and grow.

Reasons to choose tree braids instead of micro braids

1. Micro braids are not suitable for sensitive scalps

If you have a sensitive scalp, this style may make you feel uncomfortable. There is also the issue of hair damage due to the size of the braids. Micro braids can cause hair to break if fitted too tightly. Wearing micro braids too often can cause hair loss. It's best to have a professional stylist install miniature braids to prevent hair damage. However, tree braids will be your best choice.

Tree braids can be long or short

2. Micro braids are even worse for our hair

We all know that the heavier and tighter the braid, the more hair you lose. In the most severe cases, scarring occurs on the scalp and the hairline actually recedes. If we don't take care of our braids properly, we are more likely to lose our hair, but tree braids require only lengthening the hair to braid at the roots, leaving the rest of the hair loose. Tree braids can be long or short.

3. Micro braids take longer to make

They have a lengthy installation and removal process. Micro braids can take up to 12 hours to complete, and even then, stylists may need a second person to help set them up. Of the various braid fields, tree braids require the least amount of time to install, which is less protective than some other braids. Also, since the ends are set aside, you have the flexibility to braid your hair to the length you want.

Tree braid bun

What are the best tree braids for dark skin?

1. Curly tree braid bob with Ombre

If you want to add color to your tree braid style, you can simply buy a packet of colored hair. The choices are endless! You can find hair all in one color, stripe, Ombre, and even Balayage. For length, you can go one of two ways: either ask your stylist to cut your hair to the length you want or buy your hair to the length you want.

2. Half up half down tree braids

In this hairstyle, we have long tree braids and loose curls. If you have all the head of curly hair, you can half tie up your hair, and the half-tied style is beautiful, so you can recreate a loose bun, or try a ponytail. You can choose a bright color, it is good for spring and summer.

3. Tree braid ponytail

The most important things always come last, tree braid ponytail is one of our favorites! Here we have a beautiful tree braid ponytail, you can apply multi-toned hair. Different colors were used, from black to ginger. We love everything about this style, from chic and classic updos to bold colors. Hair like this is amazing and it's perfect for those who like to make a statement. If you are interested in these braids, be sure to contact your stylist.