When you're looking for a stylish natural short haircut, you're likely to be baffled by the endless TWA hairstyles available. Not only can it get rid of your messy hair, but it can also make your hair healthier. If you are looking for an easy and gorgeous way to style your natural kinky hair, then you can opt for the TWA hairstyle. Read on, here's everything you need to know.

TWA hairstyle

What is a TWA hairstyle?

The letters TWA are short for Teeny Weeny Afro. This is a short natural hairstyle, usually 3 inches or less, that is meant to keep natural kinky hair free from damage. In other words, this style will protect your type 4 hair. While this type of hair has the most enviable fullness of texture, it is very fragile and therefore prone to breakage. TWA hairstyles allow you to get rid of chemically loose damaged hair, and this hairstyle is effortless to achieve, which makes it perfect for beginners. Once you're done, you'll have clear, soft natural curls, ready for any occasion!

What is a TWA hairstyle?

What are the best TWA hairstyles for African American females?

Instead of making your natural kinky curls longer, embrace your short hair and be proud of them. There are many benefits to sticking with short hair. You won't have to deal with sweat, hair loss, broken hair, split ends, dry hair, and a myriad of other hair issues. You can try any craziest color or come up with the most special texture to create a TWA hairstyle. So what short TWA hairstyle is best for black women?

best TWA hairstyles for African American females

1. Short dreadlock TWA hairstyle

When it comes to preserving your natural kinky curls, nothing beats braids. This short dreadlock TWA hairstyle will save you a lot of time when you're in a rush in the morning and will also allow you to wash your hair less often. If you have a heart face shape, the short dreadlock TWA hairstyle is best for you, with this hairstyle, you can highlight your face and makeup.

2. Double TWA curls hairstyle

You can put some gel or oil on your hair. Divide the top hair into two sections. Tie the two sections of hair into a thick ponytail with elastic bands. This double ponytail looks great when paired with large hoop earrings and dramatic makeup. By the way, the double TWA hairstyle is going well with your big forehead.

3. Mini Bantu TWA hairstyle

The Bantu knot is a traditional hairstyle that has been part of African culture for centuries. These knots protect your curls from pollution, heat damage, and hair loss. You can keep the Bantu knot for up to two weeks. However, make sure you loosen your hair after that to give your scalp a rest. In fact, the mini Bantu knot is the most unique TWA hairstyle. You can also do it by yourself at home, it is meaningful.

4. Undercut TWA hairstyle

The undercut TWA hairstyle has captured the hearts of women around the world. It exuded fashion and, to be honest, it made short hair look enviable. It also accentuates your natural hair. Grow your TWA hair longer before you cut it short. This would create an even sharper contrast.

5. Classic blonde TWA hairstyles

Most short TWA hairstyles are blond at the time of the first haircut. If you want to diversify the classic idea, why not save it for a contrasting color? How about the classic blonde TWA hairstyle? Believe it or not, the blonde TWA hairstyle is friendly with a black woman. This color will brighten your dark skin without making it darker.

How to maintain TWA hairstyles?

While TWA is a protective hairstyle that can last up to a week, many women struggle to make it last longer than a day. If you want your curls to look flawless, you may need to refresh your style every once in a while. Here are some good suggestions you can try. How to maintain TWA hairstyles?
• Spray your hair with a bottle of water until it is damp but not completely soaked. Doing so will reactivate the product you used in the original styling process.
• Apply essential oils to your curly hair to rehydrate it.
• Add gel to re-curl any flat or no longer clear curls, especially along the hairline.
• Let your hair dry, or use a low-end blow dryer.
• To reduce the number of times you need to update your TWA hairstyle, you should cover your hair with a silk or satin hat at night.


Short hair is versatile as well as beautiful, TWA hairstyle looks amazing on 4B and 4C cones and can be done in a matter of minutes. Create a dazzling summer look with bright colors. If you are African American woman with kinky natural hair, act quickly!