Enlarged noses often make women feel inferior, and these days, most women with protruding noses seek a solution in the form of Rhinoplasty or find a cheaper way to make the nose at least appear smaller. Having a larger nose is something you should not be ashamed of, and in addition to some makeup techniques such as outlining, some hairstyles also help to lighten the appearance of a larger nose. Let's have a look!

What is the best hair length for big noses?

What is the best hair length for big noses?

Just as the shape of the face and body varies from different people, so do the shape and size of the nose. The right hairstyle can work wonders and make you look fabulous while taking all the attention away from your nose. The length of your hair can make your nose look smaller, so here's the best hair length for a big nose.

1. Short hair

Short hair

Avoid short, straight hairstyles such as pixie cuts. They only highlight your features. A textured Bob is best for short hair. The side parts are good, as well as the layering and asymmetry.
A Bob is a short hairstyle that is located around your jawline. It floats above the shoulders and is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. A layered Bob will make your nose look smaller, bringing more attention and size to your hair and away from your nose.

2. Long curly hair

Long curly hair

Curls are ideal for concealing a protruding nose, especially if you have long hair. You can experiment with rollers, curlers, and curling irons to find the perfect curl for you. Curls will soften your look and balance out harsh lines on your face. They will also widen your face, which will make your nose look relatively small.
If you have a long nose, avoid tight, trendy ponytails. Instead, choose a hairstyle that covers and frames your face with delicate strands.

What are the perfect hairstyles for big noses?

What are the perfect hairstyles for big noses?

What's the best haircut for a big nose? Not only the nose but also the shape of the face is crucial to choosing the right hairstyle. Here are the best hairstyles for every face type. You can choose one that suits your hair length and personal preference. If you have a big nose and want to know which hairstyles can help grab your attention, be sure not to miss this section.

haircut for a big nose

1. Bangs

Long, full bangs can be worn with any style of hair. They also make your nose look more visually delicate. There are many bangs hairstyles you can choose from, such as ide-swept, layered, or curtain bangs. Avoid dull or short bangs, as they emphasize your nose.

2. Tease hairstyle

For a natural look, divide your hair into strands. Then, gently tease your hair in the back. You can then tie your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun while still allowing a few strands of hair to fall on your head. Your hair can be pinned back to distract your big nose.

3. Soft waves

Soft waves widen the face and eventually shrink the nose. Waves plump up your hair and create a bigger canvas for the eyes. If your face and hair are thickened with waves, your nose will look more shapely. Use a curling iron and salt spray to get your soft waves.

4. Short-layered haircut

Because women with thick hair feel the weight on their heads, it's a good idea to opt for layering. To draw attention away from your big nose, you should also consider making this layered hairstyle shorter, like the Bob. Asymmetry and true shortness - this is what you should ask your hairdresser to achieve.

5. Soft wolf cut

The wolf hairstyle is ideal for women with enlarged noses who are getting older. A cross between long hair and a mullet, the soft wolf style is also perfect for adding some body to a thinning mane. Don't forget the big golden highlights. Wolf cut is a hair trend in recent years, if you like curly hair, you can also choose the curly wolf cut hairstyle.

6. Box braids

Box braids are for black ladies with big noses who want to preserve their natural hair with style. Choose light blonde extensions that contrast with your beautiful dark skin and incorporate them while braiding the hair to your desired length. However, box braids are difficult to get, maybe you need to go to the barber shop and ask the stylist to make box braids.


Are you still ashamed of your big nose? I'm sure after reading this article you'll find a hairstyle that makes you love big noses! In fact, there are six hairstyles you can try, and each of these methods works well for you.