With people's love of anime, manga, and appreciation of Asian culture, the Hime cut has started to grow in popularity around the world. Some people style their Hime cut hair at home, while others choose to have it done at a beauty salon. Either way, the beauty of the Hime cut is that it can completely change the way you look, keep reading to learn all about the Hime cut hairstyle.

Hime cut hairstyle

What is the Hime cut?

Hime cut is a famous Japanese hairstyle, also known by many as "anime hair" because many anime characters have it. This popular hairstyle has long been a staple of Japanese culture but has now begun to gain popularity worldwide. In the Hime cut style, the hair around the ears would be cut shorter than the rest of the hair, resulting in a shorter and blunter appearance at the front of the head than at the back, a style reserved for aristocratic women for a long time.

What is the Hime cut?

What face shape is good for Hime cut?

Since there are so many variations on Hime cut styles, don't think you have to have a certain face shape to control this look, trust me, you will find the best Hime cut hairstyle for your face shape! So don't limit your thoughts.
The Hime cut is not for the faint of heart. It's a style that requires a lot of care and upkeep, especially for those of us with a little curl or texture. But fear not, most stylists insist that this look can be worn by almost anyone.

What face shape is good for Hime cut?

5 of the most flattering Hime cut hairstyles

Depending on the length of the side hair, there can be different types of Hime cut. However, in recent years, women are experimenting widely with this noble hairstyle to give their casual look a big and varied look. Therefore, here are 5 of the most flattering Hime cut hairstyles you can use to dress up and give yourself a chic look.

the most flattering Hime cut hairstyles

1. Cheek length Hime cut

There are countless ways to change Hime cut hairstyles and make them your own style, apart from the traditional Hime cut hairstyle. Many girls choose for a shorter version that keeps the back length near the shoulders and the front length near the jawline, while others take it a step further by cutting a full chin and almost pickup-style bangs. No matter how you like your haircut, Hime cut can be adapted to suit your personal style.

2. Thick layered Hime cut

Do you have thick hair? This cool and stylish modification of the traditional Hime cut is perfect for heavy hair to show off its volume. You can imagine that the front straight tassel becomes short and blunt here. In addition, starting at the sides, the rest of the hair is cut into multiple defined layers to achieve the perfect effect of flattering the face. Just make sure that each layer of your hair stays distinctive but blends in perfectly with the rest of your hair.

3. Tapered Hime cut

As I said above, the Hime cut looks very glamorous on thick hair, so, cannot people with thin hair have it? That is not the case, it also looks elegant on thinning hair. Tapered Hime cut adds a certain soft touch to your hair and helps to add dimension to your face. If your hair is too thin, the tapered Hime cut will be your best choice.

4. Modern Hime cut

As you know, most face shapes don't work with all types of bangs, unless you have an oval face. So try this modern Hime cut, which combines side parts with long side bangs. A center part makes your face look longer, which is perfect for people with wide cheeks. Modern Hime cut is friendly with everyone, you don’t need to worry if it does not suit your big face.

5. Hime cut bob

While long hair is the signature feature of the traditional Hime cut hairstyle, it pairs very well with a stylish Bob. Bob is the classic short haircut. In the Hime cut bob style, the side locks frame the face with the length of the graduation in an attractive way and are very beautiful. However, the Hime cut bob hairstyle does not come with tassels on the front, which is the most obvious difference from the traditional bob hairstyle.


Hime cut hairstyle, while this ancient hairstyle predates the popularity of bangs hairstyles, has gained global recognition today as a modern trend that adds a fresh and chic twist to the everyday casual look. Therefore, if you're ready to make some stylish and cute changes to your hair, and you are interested in Asian culture, don't miss the most flattering Hime cut hairstyle ideas given above, and you will find a new sky.