Wigs are commonly used by African Americans in their daily life. Most of the wigs are constructed with a lace base because lace looks like our skin and similar to it, looks natural. Just as our natural hair, wigs have a middle part, a free part, three-part even a U part. The free part wig is welcomed now because it can be parted in any way you would like.

What is a free part wig?

Free part wig meaning:

Seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function, A free part wig is a wig that suitble for any part,you can part it anywhere as you want, such as middle part, side part, zig-zag part,curvy part etc.

The free part wig is also the best if you want to wear your hair straight back with no parts. The hair will look like it is coming from your scalp.A free-part lace wig can be chosen by anyone who wears wigs. In Nadula, all the 13x4 lace wigs are free part.

free part wig

Are free-part wigs better?

Yes. The flexibility and versatility of free-part wigs make them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed or the less thrilling receding hairline. You can even pull your hair away from your face since you will still have the appearance of a natural hairline. 

What is a three-part wig?

Besides the middle part, the free part, there are also three-part. 3 Part means one in middle, one on the left side, and one on the right side, which gives you several options for hair parts. Three part wig is a new product on the market recently.

three part wig

Is the free part or three part better?

These 2 kinds of hairstyles have different features.

Three-part wigs are types of pre-parted. Pre-parted wigs are beneficial because they can be easier to install and, depending on how they are installed, can allow you to switch between different side parts, as well. You can try the freestyle and 3 part wigs, both offer versatile partings once applied and are easy to style, but it is essential that you bleach the knots for either style of wig.

However, when wearing a lace wig with a three-part, the Brazilian hair,100% virgin hair, or synthetic hair will need to be installed without any errors because if the wig is even slightly off, the whole wig will look bad.

Another thing to remember with a three-part is that, while it can provide a fun and unique look, the part doesn’t always look natural. Even when a three-part is properly installed, you can sometimes still catch a peep of the other parts that you are trying to cover. Maybe for some, the free part wig is great as it offers a lot more versatility. In general, the 3 part is nothing special. After you co-washed it, it wasn't much different from a free part.

Lots of women use Freestyle closures because they like the freedom of deciding where to part their closure. They don't like that "hard part" in the other types of wigs. They always bleach their knots because it just looks better to me. They can also try to thin the edge of the wig by randomly plucking hairs out of the front.

A free-part lace wig is the most natural-looking type of lace wig because it gives the Brazilian hair,100% virgin hair or synthetic hair of the lace wig or hair weaves the ability to part anywhere. Unlike pre-parted wigs, free-part wigs don’t look bad at the slightest error in the installation process.

How To take care of them?

Free-part wig, three-part wig, no matter which one you have chosen, they all need to be taken good care of. For example, free-part full lace wig and free-part lace front wigs are popular and expensive, if you want to use them for a long time, daily care is indispensable. Especially at the night. Check the tips below:

1. Scuff it less than possible. A lot the more you scratch, the greater you release the hairs, and the greater it’ll shed.

2. Make sure to carefully comb your weave/closure. Cleaning causes unnecessary dropping as well (the same complements the natural head of hair).

3. When cleaning, never scrub the wig. It’ll tangle. Just run the hair shampoo through the hair by using a downward action with your hands and rinse.

4. Reminder: Wigs will move back. There is absolutely no way to avoid new development from overtaking. They are not designed to be worn for weeks at the same time; however, you’ll be able to fix the wig without obtaining a new install!

5. Groundwork IS KEY! Make your braids under the Beauty Forever Hair closure small. Small the braids, the flatter the wig. This will not imply doing little stringy braids. They ought to still be strong. You must never have vulnerable braids under any installation.

6. Mildew/set the wig. Utilize a setting-up foam to place the hairs on the wig in the correct direction. It is advisable to then sit your client under the clothes dryer.


The above is all about free part lace wig and a three-part wig for you. Nadula supplies good quality free part 13x4 lace wigs and 3-part lace wigs with real human hair materials. Please click the product page to shop with the Nadula coupon code.