If you are a human hair extension consumers, I believe that you must be familiar with lace closures.Closures are every weave girl's best friend. Instead of blending your own natural hair, wearing a closure gives you the option to finish off your style with a piece that will match perfectly to the weave itself. Since your own hair will be protected underneath, you will have the benefits of keeping your own hair healthy (no heat), while flawlessly completing your style.

5x5 HD lace closure wig

What Is A Lace Closure Exactly?

The hair closure is a top piece of hair that's intended to blend seamlessly with your weave. The purpose of the closure is to finish your style flawlessly so that it looks realistic and natural.Silk lace closures are a special type of closure in terms of its construction.

Types Of Lace Closures:

 Virgin Hair Lace Closure Free Part 4x4 Closure :


Virgin Hair Lace Closure Three Part 4x4 Closure :


 Virgin Hair Lace Closure Middle Part 4x4 Closure :


What Is The Advantage Of A Lace Closure?

1.Invisible Knots: Each strand of hair is individually hand-tied to a silk lace base, and is covered by another thin layer of lace to hide the knots, thus rendering them invisible.

2.Most Realistic Scalp Look: The purpose of the closure is for it to look as if it were your own hair. So, we constructed our piece on a neutral skin-tone colored silk lace base so that it looks more realistic.

5x5 HD lace closure wig

3.Natural-Looking Hairline: We carefully designed the edge of the closure so that it naturally recedes towards the front.

4.Freestyle Parting: The best part about our silk lace closures is that you can part & style your hair in any direction you desire! The middle part, free-part or three-part-options are endless.

5x5 HD lace closure wig

How To Install A Lace Closure?

Step 1: Cornrow your hair braiding the top/middle section back for the placement of the closure. Then, sew a weaving net over the tracks.

Tip: The weaving net is helpful because it makes it easier to sew in-between braids, which allows you to sew in more tracks.

Step 2: The best part about the Simply Silk Lace Closure is that it already comes ready for you to use. You don't need to do anything else to. Of course, unless you want to!

Tip: To customize, you can bleach the knots and use tweezers to thin the hairline of the lace on the closure.

Step 3: Place the closure a little above your hairline and start to sew down the closure. Make sure that when you do this, you start from the middle and you work your way around. Once done, trim the excess lace off.

Tip: We recommend that you use nylon thread because it gives you more wiggle room when it comes to your closure.

Step 4: Use hair gel to lay down your edges. Make sure to use a moderate amount so that it turns tacky, and apply gel to the silk lace.

Tip: Use a blow dryer, on the warm setting, and spend a minute or so passing over the gel so that it becomes tacky.   

Step 5: Use the tail of a comb to gently lay down the silk lace closure, and let it stick to the gel so that the closure is securely laid.

Step 6: Next, take a few strands of hair from the closure, and using a razor, trim the strands to create baby hair. Then, using hair gel, lay down the baby hairs, so that it blends with your own. This will make the closure look even more natural.

Step 7: Finish weaving the rest of the hair with the longer bundles, and style as you desire.

These are how to install a lace closure correctly.Besides This, there are also Lace frontal and 360 Lace Frontal for customers on Nadula Hair.They are all hair closures which can install with hair bundles.People can choose any one of them according to personal fancy.

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