Highlight weave means the hair weave is highlighted with colors. Highlights are added to the hair using lightener, color, and or direct hair dyes. It is multidimensional colored hair with streaks of a color that contrast with the base color (the solid color your hair is before highlighting).

The opposite to the highlights are lowlights. Highlights are pieces lighter than your base color, and lowlights are darker than your base color. The highlights are not easy to achieve, it entails “weave” out tiny strips of hair creating a stripe. If you want to try a beautiful highlight hair, you’d better ask a professional hairstylist for help.

 Contents you will read:

  • Common Types of Highlights
  • Do highlights make you look younger?
  • Do highlights damage hair?
  • Can you do highlights without bleach?
  • Can I highlight my hair at home?

Common Types of Highlights

There are many types of highlights, full highlights, partial highlights, dimensional highlights, babylights, red highlights, and others. Some of them are not commonly used. The common ones are partial and full highlights.

What Are Partial highlights?

The partial highlight is only in sections, usually placed around the face to give off a brighter, face-framing look. Some hairstylists consider a partial highlight to be the entire top half or the top and side sections of your head.

Partial highlights are ideal for those seeking a more natural look, as they're designed to lighten the hair the same way the sun would. It's great for a quick brighten-up or root touch-up if you part your hair the same way every day. It's also a good option for an introduction to adding some color to your hair.

 What Are Full highlights?

The full highlight involves highlighting hair in every section of your head. They offer a more dramatic look, as they wrap all around the head. The main benefit is having everything done and knowing no matter how you wear your hair, the color will look great.

Do highlights make you look younger?

As we know, colored hair can change your appearance to a certain extent. You will be full of life and character if you have dyed proper hair color. There are some colors will you look younger, Highlight brown, balayage brown, Auburn, Honey Blonde, Golden Chocolate, Strawberry Blonde. These are the most popular colors now. And many girls and celebrities have tried these colors. If you do not want to dye your hair, you can try highlight weave to save time and it will protect your natural hair. Also, it is easy to install and uninstall.

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Do highlights damage hair?

Yes. Any hair processing will damage your natural hair. Coloring, bleaching, perming, all of these will damage your hair. So do highlights damage hair? Beyond doubt, highlights do damage hair, especially when the whole process is done wrongly or in excess. That’s to say; an experienced colorist can bypass damages during highlighting by using the right technique.

Can you do highlights without bleach?

As we know, a bleacher is often used when highlighting the hair. It can light up our original hair color, but it will damage our natural hair. So can we do highlights without bleach? Yes!

It’s possible to lighten your hair naturally, but you need to have realistic expectations (the first being that nothing will lighten your hair as fast or effectively as bleach). Although you should stay away from DIYs that are spiked with harsh and drying ingredients like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or white vinegar, you can experiment with natural ingredients that also help the overall health of your hair, like honey or cinnamon.

Can I highlight my hair at home?

As we have mentioned above, the highlight is not easy. So we advise you to go to the barber to ask a stylist to help. But if you insist on highlight your hair at home, that's not impossible, either.

It's not the kind of thing you'd normally do by yourself, but the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent months of self-isolation have proven that we can learn to do tons of stuff with our hair at home (even cut it). That especially applies to the time being, when some salons are open but trekking out to one might not be safe.

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How To highlight My hair at home?

One key issue is just sticking to your hairline if you are ready to highlight at home. In this way, you’re connecting the front of your hair to the rest of your color so it won’t look as grown out. Also, we recommending that anyone with blonde hair try DpHue’s Blonding Brush. And don’t be overly ambitious; just start small.

And by the way, if your base color is anything darker than medium blonde, you should stay far away from at-home highlights. At a salon, your colorist customizes your dye and developer to give you the exact color you’re looking for, but at-home highlight kits are kinda like a one-size-fits-all situation. That means it’s super easy to end up with brassy highlights when you’re attempting it yourself—especially on brunette shades.

You need to pay more attention to the tools and materials if you decided to highlight your hair at home. Now, follow the steps below:


1. Prepare two types of brushes

 One to bleach and the other one to blend.

2. Choose the right bleacher

You can purchase separate lightning powders and developers from a beauty supply store and mix them based on how light you'd like your hair to be — but any kind of measuring and mixing of formulas is better left to the experts.

3.Begin from the bottom-up and the front-backward

Another important thing is knowing when to stop applying the dye. It's hard for people to see and reach a lot of their hair, especially the sections in the back. That's why we always recommend keeping at-home highlights focused around the face. We advise you stick with the hairline area to brighten up the face. You can get a little creative and pop some highlights around a few pieces in the ends to create an ombre effect.

4.Keep one eye on the clock while your highlights develop

Time is limited on the bleaching period. And any bleaching kit you buy is going to come with in-depth instructions, which you should read to figure out how long you should let the product sit in your hair. You’d better set a timer if it is needed.

5.The last word

The great advantage about highlights is that you can always add more after the fact if you want to. But undoing any hair-dye mistakes you make along the way will be a lot more difficult without access to a colorist. For that reason, We urge you to keep highlights minimal — for now.


Highlight hair will make us a good appearance. So anyone of you can choose a suitable color for yourself and try it at any time, whatever your hair texture is. You can also try our highlight weave hair bundles. Please leave your message if you have any ideas.