Funmi hairstyles are not common, because stylist needs professional technology to make this look. Funmi curl is bouncy and it has an advanced sense of fashion. That is the reason why more and more women want to try this look. And you will find there are many vendors offering funmi curl weaves.

What is Funmi hair?

The name Funmi belongs to a creative woman, who has long years of experience in hairstyling in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. She developed this brand and prompted it to the high-luxury hair market. Look at the hair, it has special curls that start from the middle shaft of the extensions. We see people wearing funmi hair around us are all aged about 30, so we also call it Funmi aunty's hair.

Is Funmi hair human hair?

This depends on where you buy it. If you go to a shop that specialized in supplying human hair products, their funmi hair may be real human hair. Otherwise, not. For Nadula hair store, all of our wigs, funmi hair weave, and lace frontals are made of 100% real human hair. 

We only select 100% pure human hair, like Brazilian funmi hair to make such wigs. Suppliers who want to cooperate with us must meet our strict quality standards, there are only a few suppliers that could meet our high uncompromising standards. Before being certified for use, each piece of Funmi hair extension will pass through an inspection of the quality control check process.

Check funmi hair pictures from our site or below:

funmi hair weave

Funmi hair is just unique, durable, and gives the same feeling like your natural hair. It responds very well to styling, coloring, fixing, etc. It is full, bouncy, and beautiful. The style is focused on giving African women a natural but elegant and outstanding look. 

funmi hair prices

Although funmi curl is not easy to get, the price of funmi curly hair is not very high on, just similar to other hair textures. For example, 1 piece of Nadula funmi hair weave(180-250g) with 14 inches is about $90, 2 pieces of Nadula funmi hair weave with 14 inches is about $160, 3 pieces of Nadula funmi hair weave with 14 inches is about $240. Compared with other suppliers, our price is reasonable and affordable for most customers.

funmi hair review

Nadula Bouncy Funmi Hair Weave

Very good weaving good quality really I live thank you.

Fast delivery and the hair is very nice and after washed the curl is very beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️

Still soft would buy this again.

Lovely and soft hair Thank you I will return back your guys

The hair is very nice and soft to the touch. I'll buy it again.

funmi hair review

How do you maintain Funmi hair curls?

With all the beautiful features, funmi curls seem to be a wise investment if you take care of it properly. Otherwise, it can cost you a fortune because curly strands are often more sensitive than any other type. Therefore, you had better read the following tips carefully to keep your funmi curls vibrant all the time. 

Let’s get started with our answer to the question now!

1. Brush your funmi hair every day and frequently use a good quality detangling brush. The order would be the bottom way up gradually to the top. 

2. Wash hair frequently, not daily, using detangling shampoo and condition.

3. Grease, oil, or oil spray/sheen is not recommended.

4. To maintain hair shine and luster, you should use a serum to protect strands from the environment and hair loss.

5. Tie your hair up or make it in a high bun when you sleep 

6. You can style your funmi-like straightening with a blow dryer and flat iron. It can also be colored. 

7. Brush hair properly before swimming and always use a cap to protect it from chlorine.

The most important thing lies in how you choose the supplier to buy the highest quality, aunty, funmi hair in Nigeria. Funmi curly hair is the extension of grace only if you obtain precisely what Funmi – the founder provides. For those who cannot get to her salon in London, you can find funmi hair in Lagos because it has a distribution network there. 


Funmi curls are suitable for women of different ages. It will give a special look. Black women can get an attractive style by wearing funmi hair weaves. Just contact us to get more about funmi curly hair bundles.