There are a series of reasons that people choose wigs, such as getting a new hair look and hiding hair and scalp problems. But for many girls, shopping for a satisfying wig is a confusing and frustrating endeavor, especially if it’s your first time. When faced with some terms about hair wigs, many beginners have no idea where to start. Maybe you have scrolled through hundreds of sites to discover what wig brand is best, but still hard to choose. Whether you are a wig veteran or a beginner, we prepare the following information about 100% human hair wigs.

How Can You Tell A Good Wig?

What do you want to get from a wig? What advantages does a good-quality wig have? We will list their common ground of them.

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1. Natural Hair Look

Generally speaking, naturalness is the first requirement for many people to choose wigs. A premium wig can give you a natural hair look and the most comfortable feelings. And the hair looks like growing up from your real scalp naturally. After wearing it, a natural wig will make it difficult to tell whether the hair is real or fake.

2. No Shedding And No Tangling

Low-quality wigs are very prone to tangles. Once the tangles occur, they can lead to breakage of the hair strands, which will make your wig more short-lived. And due to it, you have to spend more time and energy on your wig care. Hair shedding is also a vexing problem for many people, and you may find that every time you brush your wig, many strands of hair fall out. Wigs are not like our natural hair, they have no regeneration function, so once they fall out there is no way to make up for them. But a good wig, the hair is sewn into the wig cap with professional technology, so there will only be a very small amount of hair shedding.

3. Longer Duration

A reason why people hesitate to invest in a wig is the lifespan. What we want to tell you is that a high-quality wig with careful care can last more than one year. Besides, the wigs made out of human hair are allowed to be bleached, dyed, and styled with heat tools. Therefore, you can style it into any hairstyle you like once you have been tired of its original shape.

The Wigs In Nadula Mall

Nadula promises that all the wigs we provide are made out of 100% human hair. We have professional skills in producing hair wigs to make sure the products have high quality. The wigs in Nadula mall are tangle free, have no shedding, and have soft and bouncy hair strands. There are different hair textures, colors, densities, and lengths for you to choose from.

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Check Details

If you are a girl who often changes your personal style and are looking for a reliable wig store to meet your requirements. Congratulation! Nadula is the one who can offer you various wigs with different hairstyles, including short bob wigs, classic body wave wigs, fluffy curly wigs, trendy water wave wigs, natural kinky curly and straight wigs, and so on.

Moreover, we know that wig price is one of the important factors people will consider while purchasing hair wigs. So we provide wigs at different price points for customers to choose from according to their budget. But you don’t have to worry about the quality because all the wigs are made of human hair. The only difference among the wigs of different constructions is the lace area. The wigs with more lace are more versatile and more natural but have a higher price.

The service Nadula provides for you

Nadula has received a lot of praise from girls all over the world since its establishment, not only because of the quality of our wigs, but also the comprehensive quality services Nadula provides to customers.

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1. Free Shipping

After paying for your order, we will ship the order within 48 hours, except for weekends and holidays. Nadula provides different shipping methods for customers from different areas. Two shipping methods are offered including Free Shipping and Overnight express. Free shipping means no shipping fee no matter the order price, and Overnight express will be one day faster than Free Shipping. And the exact delivery time will vary by region.

2. 30 Days Free Returns

To protect customers' interest, Nadula hair allows free returns within 30 days. So if you find any problem or don’t want to keep it after receiving the wig, you can contact our online customer service for return service.

3. 24/7 Online Service

We set up a 24-hour online customer service. If you have any questions about wigs in Nadula mall or some other knowledge about wigs, please feel free to consult our online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly.


Above all, if you are still looking for the best human hair wig brands, you can visit to check the details of multiple hair wigs. As a 100% human hair brand that is popular with young women all around the world, Nadula is definitely a reliable hair wig brand. If you have any questions about Nadula mall, welcome to consult.

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