Are you still using warm colors like ginger, honey, caramel, and chestnuts to match the changing seasons? It just means you've fallen out of fashion. The best way to cope with the changing seasons is the new cool hair color trend: mushroom brown hair. If you're interested in trying mushroom brown hair, keep on reading and I'll tell you what is the best mushroom brown hair looks best for your skin tone and makes you a trend-setting fashionista.

What is mushroom brown hair?

Much of the inspiration for mushroom brown hair color comes from the ever-popular Portobello. Like a delicious mushroom, this color at first glance is just standard brown hair. The closer you look, the shades of light gray and brown begin to show through. It's a neutral hair color that includes several subtle browns and grays and, as you guessed, a mushroom. To create this tone, the colorist will apply a series of low and highlights on top of the taupe to create a multi-dimensional tone. Mushroom brown is a great hair color to consider if you want to cover up gray hair. Mushroom brown is a great hair color to consider if you want to cover up gray hair.
While other popular brunette trends like chocolate or blonde are super warm, mushroom brown can be neutral or on the cold side if you choose a tone with a gray, moody hue. Of course, you can also choose chocolate brown mushroom brown hair.

How to get mushroom brown hair?

As with all highlight techniques, it's best to consult a hair colorist for help in creating an Instagram-worthy mushroom brown hair color. If you prefer a light mushroom brown, ask your stylist to create a light brown base and mix in plenty of ginger blonde highlights. If you're looking for dark mushroom brown hair, ask your stylist to blend the chocolate low light into the off-white undertone.If you're looking for dark mushroom brown hair, ask your stylist to blend the chocolate low light into the off-white undertone.
Once you've settled on the style, your stylist will first create a taupe base color. He or she will then layer on top of high and low lights to create a multi-dimensional look based on your inspired picture.
If you're going to try to create a mushroom brown hair color at home, you can, consult a professional hair colorist, check out video tutorials, learn hair coloring techniques, etc. Then use one of the mushroom brown hair dyes to get the look.

use one of the mushroom brown hair dyes to get the look.

What is the best mushroom brown hair for all skin tones?

Mushroom brown hair color, no matter what you do, will look unbelievable. However, I think it looks best on long hairstyles because it's made up of several different shades and has a lot of depth. Long hair will really brighten up your mushroom brown hair. If you're not sure how to choose your own mushroom brown hairstyle, hopefully, the following mushroom brown hairstyles for all skin tones will help you get inspired.

the best mushroom brown hair for all skin tones

1. Golden mushroom hair

If you're looking for a mushroom brown hue that's more golden-brown and less ash, look no further than blonde mushrooms. Golden mushroom hair perfectly combines our mushroom associated taupe with beautiful ginger highlights, resulting in an autumn-inspired hue.

2. Black to mushroom brown Ombre

If you have naturally black hair, you can still have fun with a funky shade of mushroom brown hair. Instead of spending countless appointments boosting your agate hue to create a mushroom brown shade, ask for a mushroom brown Ombre. Your newly dyed ends will instantly add warmth to your style, and you won't have to worry about retouching your roots.

3. Portobello mushroom

The best thing about mushroom brown hair is that you have a variety of mushrooms to get inspired by! That's the most important thing. Portobello mushrooms are not only the largest edible fungi, they also provide fantastic hair color inspiration. Ask your colorist about this light taupe hue, which is almost gray, to get a satisfying hair color.

4. Mushroom brown Balayage

If you have a lot of hair, opt for a mushroom brown Balayage. This hand-drawing technique allows you to have more time between touches and creates a nearly seamless growth. Light mushroom brown hair also can add Balayage.

5. Mushroom brown lowlights and highlights

As we mentioned earlier, there are a variety of mushroom hairstyles to look at, so why choose just one? If you're not sure which shade of mushroom brown you like best, ask your hair colorist to add low light and highlights with your favorite mushroom-inspired shade.

6. Mushroom brown French roll

French curls maintain the basic rounded shape of the traditional twist while embracing an elegant casualty, which makes this style perfect for black-tie events or brunch with your friends.

7. Mushroom brown pigtail Dutch braids

Braids are one of our favorite ways to show off our new hair color, and we can't get enough of these pigtail Dutch braids. Having a few inches of hair hanging loosely from your braid is a great way to update this primary school style staple.

8. Mushroom brown curtain bangs

If you've always wanted to try bangs but don't know if you can pull them down, consider curtain bangs. Curtain bangs are great for beginners because they are short enough to give you the traditional fringe feel, but long enough to camouflage growing layers.